The Gibbs Reflective Cycle on Teamwork Essay

The reflective cycle on teamwork by the Gibbs is the model that helps to make a critical evaluation of the working of a team incorporate.  It was developed by Grahm Gibbs in the year of 1988. This model helped to assess the learning needs to ultimately improve the patient’s care. The students of Nursing and healthcare may have to write the report writing, essays or the assignment about their teamwork and learning, therefore the Gibbs reflective cycle on teamwork performance is a very useful model for them.

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The Gibbs Reflective cycle is the cyclical framework that helps the learning assessment in the team to explain the experience and learn from it. It has 6 steps. As a student of Nursing one should know the way of using this model as the Gibbs reflective cycle helps to understand the change in management of the healthcare system.

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The reflective cycle on teamwork by the Gibbs

In healthcare services, there is a need for ensuring the change in management in an efficient way. To provide high quality and efficient service there is a need for teamwork. In nursing, teamwork is a crucial element and it is also part of the code of professional ethics.

Gibb’s reflective cycles assess the learning outcomes of the team and thus enhance the performance of every team member. There is always a competitive advantage in working with an efficient team. The interaction with the team members in a productive way can improve the motivation level of each team member. Gibb’s reflective cycle works on teamwork conflict resolutions and it tells the need for improvement in the various levels.

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Gibbs Reflective cycle on Teamwork performance does not only focus on each and every team member but also on the team as a whole. It helps the team members to understand their collaborative work by enhancing the skills in teamwork. Gibbs’s reflective cycle through its 6 stages process, help the team to understand the areas where they are lacking and to work on the specificities to increase the reliability.

As reliability is most important in the healthcare services, it is necessary for a team to work on their shared objectives in a collaborative manner. Through the help of reflective cycles of Gibbs, the individual from a team can identify the role belongs to him and can help the other team members to understand theirs. But with this, there should be avoidance for creating the stereotypes.

The change in the management and the actions of the plan for the teamwork are the most important outcomes of the Gibbs Reflective Cycle. It also helps to change the future strategies for the better outcome of every individual in the team.

The reflective cycle approach motivates the team members to share their experiences and learn from them so the association and reliability of the teamwork can be improved. It supports the team members to be helpful for each other through personal reflections and increase their skills and know-how. As the importance of teamwork in healthcare and nursing is the core of the services for patient, every individual from the team should work towards increasing the performance of the whole team.

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