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Research paper sample on theories of child development and learning

The theories of child development focus mainly on child growth and explain how children change. Child development theories focus on various aspects of development, including emotional, social, and cognitive growth of children. The students of Ireland should understand how theories of child development provide a crucial element about children learning. The understanding of child development is vital as it allows the students to appreciate the emotional, cognitive, educational, and physical growth of the child. The students can ask to write me an essay for the team of assignment makers of Ireland.

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  • Piaget’s Cognitive Developmental Theory

The cognitive theory describes the development of children through processes. It looks at how the thought process of children influences understanding and their interaction with the world. The cognitive theory of Piaget explains the development of mental states and looks at how thought processes influence children’s interaction with others. According to this theory, children do not understand concrete logic and cannot manipulate information in-between the age of 2 and 6. However, after the age of 12, the students develop the ability to deductive reasoning, logical thought, and systematic planning.

  • Chomsky’s Language Developmental Theory

According to Chomsky’s theory, the children’s language development is essential to understand sentences that they have never heard. The approach shows a critical way through which children acquire language and how they learn from it. Language development refers to the creative aspect of language through which the child can understand the patterns of human thought. With the realm of psychology, the child becomes capable of selecting appropriate grammar and vocabulary while introducing them.

  • Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory

The individuals who were inspired by Freud’s theory went to expand the child development theories, and Erikson’s development theory describes child growth. The theory describes the conflicts that arise during various stages of development, social interaction, and changes throughout life. The development theory of Erikson mainly focuses on social interaction and childhood experiences that play decisive roles. During each stage, the child faces a developmental conflict that impacts their growth and later functioning.

  • Bowlby’s Attachment Theory

Bowlby’s theory states that caregivers play a significant role in child development, plus they affect the social relationships of the child. The theory suggests that children are born with an inherent need to form attachments. Such attachments ensure that child is receiving proper care and protection. Children strive to stay close to their caregivers who provide a secure base and safe place for exploration.

  • Ainsworth’s Child Psychology Theory

Ainsworth identified three significant attachment styles of children having with their caregivers or parents. The theory reveals how the child behaves upon the separation or return of the mother. The approach mainly focuses on the child attachment with their parents and caregivers and their psychology when one someone goes away from them. The attachment theory states how physical and emotional attachment to a caregiver is efficient in the personal development of the child.

  • Pavlov Child Learning Theory

Pavlov recognized how a neutral stimulus gets associated with a reaction response through conditioning. The theory refers to a learning procedure that involves the pairing of a stimulus with a conditioned response. Moreover, the theory suggests that how events or objects can trigger a conditioned response and affect children learning.

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Sample on Theories of Child Development and Learning

Title: How Skinner’s theory of children’s learning promotes child development?

The theory of Skinner recognizes that learning is a function of change in explicit behavior. Generally, behavioral changes are frequent among children and results as a response of the child to events occurring in the environment. The theory uses both positive as well as negative reinforcements to promote good behavior. The approach is useful in a variety of situations, especially in the classroom environment. The theory encourages children learning and hence affects child development.

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