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Psychoanalytic Theories & Theories of Play – Research Paper Sample

Play theories define how playing activities can affect child development. Within a group of children, healthcare providers can observe the necessary levels of socialized play. Some of the children being very shy do not interact too much, whereas some children love to make new friends. One of the main aims of introducing the child to play in early childhood is to promote their development. The child can focus on productive activities and gain crucial skills to play and work cooperatively. If the students are unable to develop a persuasive research paper on play theories, then they can take help from expert writers.

Research paper Sample Theories of Play including Psychoanalytic Theories

Childcare givers need to understand that play is a critical part of child development. The various theories of play reflect that child’s behavior towards play changes from time to time. The stage of cooperative play is the highest form of children working and playing together. At this stage, the child can take turns, share, and allow others to serve as leaders for their team. Throughout the various stages of child development, parents and teachers have great opportunities to observe the emotional, intellectual, physical, and social growth of the child. The students can take help from Irish assignment makers for submitting their homework on time.

What is the importance of play?

a) Physical development: The child can learn how to control small muscles when they play. It becomes easy for the child to coordinate eyes and hands to balance the blocks.

b) Development of creativity and problem-solving skills: By using imagination, the child can figure out how to fix the blocks while playing with peers.

c) Cognitive development: Certain playing activities promote the development of mathematical concepts among children. When the child sorts the blocks by shape or size, they can quickly figure out what number of blocks are required to fill the vacant space.

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d) Emotional development: The self-directed activities build confidence and motivation so that the child can experience success.

e) Social development: The child playing with other children can learn new experiences and how to face social changes effectively.


Freud’s theory of play

Freud established psychoanalytic theory related to the importance of play in children. According to this theory, playing activities provide an excellent platform for the child to speak out about their unfulfilled wishes and conflicts. Through the playing activities, the child can build their emotional, cognitive, and moral aspects of life. Thus, play contributes to children’s personalities by making them capable of communicating symbolically. According to Freud’s theory, play in children helps them to get relief from anxiety, the fear of the external world, and the anxiety of conscience.

Piaget’s theory of play

Piaget suggests that play refers to assimilation in the absence of accommodation. The theory outlines four crucial types of play, namely; sensory-motor play and physical play where a child engages in the repetition of physical activity. Various playing activities constitute genuine solutions to problems and intelligent creations.

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Sample research paper on theories of play

Title: What in Winnicott’s theory of play and playing?

According to Winnicott’s theory of play, play is a basic form of living as well as a creative experience. Winnicott stated that the action of children’s playing could encourage communication skills among children. The transitional stage model of play helps the child to participate in critical playing activities. The play reflects the emotional and cultural experiences of the child and promotes well-being. A social-cognitive model of play encourages children’s development. The child can develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills while playing with other children.

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