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Impact of Trauma on Brain Development and Behaviour of Children Essay Sample 

The following essay shall focus on the impact of traumatic experiences on a child’s brain development and behaviour. It discusses ways to help children cope with such events.

It focuses on the child’s behaviour psychology after he experiences a stressful event.

Trauma causes a huge negative impact on the minds of the children and their holistic development. It restricts brain development and cognitive abilities that can cause serious personality and behaviour disorders.

Impact of Trauma on Brain Development and Behaviour of Children Essay Sample 

Bipolar disorder, multiple personality disorder, depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental health and behavioural disorder are common in children after trauma.

It can also develop social isolation and coordination issues in children as they are not good at being expressive. 

Impact of a traumatic experience on a child’s brain and behaviour 

  • An experience of trauma can cause serious mental injury to a child’s brain. It causes troubled social behaviour, ailments, somatic symptoms, memory loss, processing of information, and learning difficulty.
  • Trauma can cause difficulty in balancing emotions, aggressive behaviour, loss of control, and impulses. It also leads to insomnia and difficulty in eating.
  • This can cause disorder in body language, lack of consistency in behaviour, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, and self-body shame.
  • Trauma causes restrictive brain development in a child leading to risky behaviour, criminal activities, and substance abuse in adolescent children.
  • They have a dissociation issue where they separate their existence from their experience at the mental level.

In this state, they experience an altered state of mind or daydream about a similar experience with other people.

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The child loses the very ability to focus and to carry out his daily routine and studies. It also affects their classroom activities, social interactive behaviour, and learning.

  • It leads to low self-confidence and esteem leading to depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, and self-blame. It can be seen in their external behaviour and conduct.
  • Such children have issues in clarity of thoughts, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and reasoning abilities.

They have difficulty in learning new skills, learning difficulties, and storing important information in their brains.

  • It causes cognitive delays, irregular emotional flow, troubling behaviour, and non-development of the cognitive brain of children.
  • Children after facing trauma become loud in reaction to every situation. Such children are non-expressive, overthinkers, and violent in every situation. They tend to create toxic vulnerable attachments with people and suffer emotionally.
  • Childhood experiences of abuse and trauma can cause a serious impact on the mental health and brain development of a child. They are also more prone to health risks and have a personality disorder.

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Ways to help children cope with a traumatic experience 

  • Children should be comforted and given emotional support and strength, and a sense of security from their parents in coping with stress related to trauma.
  • Psychiatrists & Child Psychologists are mental health professionals and experts who can give tips and guidance for the development of a child’s brain and mental health awareness.
  • Physical touch can comfort children. Hugging, cuddling, patting on the head and back, and stroking of hair signifies safety and security after a stressful event.
  • Such children should be allowed to enjoy their personal space and to play with others. This would help them to remain distracted from the thoughts of the trauma.
  • One must pick up topics of interest to children to initiate discussions on them. It will increase their level of curiosity, interest, and confidence in themselves and help in forget the traumatic event.
  • Limiting or preventing any news coverage, television commercials, news channels or newspapers. This can all help the children to recover quickly from such stressful events.
  • Encouraging children to be more interactive and expressive of their thoughts. Making them realize that it is normal to feel guilt, anger, and sadness.

They must be allowed to express their emotions freely and their feelings must be acknowledged. If they want to cry to vent out their sadness they should be allowed to do so.

  • Children with severe anxiety issues must be helped with breathing exercises to control their shortness of breath and to compose their minds.

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The above sample is written to highlight how trauma can cause impact the brain development and behaviour of children.

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