Essay Example on How to Treat the elderly with care and respect

Senior citizens have a lot to teach about enduring change and how to handle life’s adversity. Instead of concerning about the emotional needs of the elderly, some people dismiss them and their contributions to the family.  Working with the elderly is an honorable task, which can be a fulfilling experience, but sometimes it can be a frustrating job. Treating the elderly with respect and care is like self-development, which connects the young generation to the older generation. The students of Ireland, who are not able to prepare a knowledgeable essay, can take help from trained assignment writers.

Growing up in different situations can make people feel like they do not need older people. Some family members do not concern about the spiritual needs of the elderly. However, older people have plenty of knowledge and wisdom as well to share with young generations. Older adults are valuable who are admired members of family and keeper of traditions. That is why; it becomes essential to take care of all the critical needs of the elderly in the community. Irish students can pay someone to get high-quality essay papers in a short time.

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Why is it important to respect the elderly?

Respect is the key component of all pleasant relations. An older person is the one who has retired and does not have enough strength to tackle day-to-day tasks effortlessly. Showing respect to the elder’s reflects on being thoughtful and kind towards them. Even if people do not agree with the elderly, then also it is essential to understand the needs and problems of old age.

Old age is a period of physical weakening in which the elderly experience digestive problems, mental abilities, and many more. Eyes and ears are highly affected during the old age. Mental disorders are directly associated with the elderly, and it becomes essential to take care of the intellectual needs of the elderly.

How to respect and appreciate elders?

  • Spend time with elders: Many seniors feel loneliness if they do not have a working social schedule. Like others, seniors also need a social circle for happiness with whom they can share their happiness and sorrow. It is crucial to take care of the social needs of the elderly and communicate with them. In addition to it, family members should listen to them and must fulfill their demands so that they can share all their needs securely.
  • Be polite: Being polite to the elder person is a key to show respect. The younger generation should take care of etiquette while talking with the elderly. Along with it, being respectful brightens elder’s day and at the same time, younger ones will learn something new. So, having a polite talk with seniors is like a time spent well.
  • Discuss traditions and family history: Family history explains life successes and stronger family bonds. By discussing family heritage and traditions with the elderly helps children to face stress and upcoming challenges in life. By properly taking care of the older person helps the child to develop a stronger sense of personality and family genetics.

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Example essay on treating the elderly with care and respect

Title: What are the emotional problems faced in old age?

The weakening of mental ability makes the elderly dependent. Though older people do not have a stronger grip, still they want to get involved in all the family matters. Due to the generation gap, children do not pay enough attention to the needs of the elderly and it creates a feeling of deprivation among older people. However, it becomes essential to treat the elderly with dignity and fulfill all their demands efficiently.

The negligence along with the negative attitude of the family towards older people creates several emotional problems. Most of the elderly persons need attention and support from their loved ones. The family members should provide proper personal as well as medical care so that they can remain active in social and economic matters.

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