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Waste Management (environment) in Ireland Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall focus on the benefits of waste management, waste management companies operating in Ireland, and the current status of waste in Ireland.

Waste management includes those activities or actions that promote the collection, management, and disposal of the waste right from its inception to its final disposal. Collection of waste, its transport, treatment, and disposal of waste can be done by following environmental safety measures.

Waste Management (environment) in Ireland Essay Sample

Proper monitoring and waste management regulation are very important and each type of waste has a different method of disposal and management process. It may include wastes from the industrial units, biomedical wastes from the health units and hospitals, and household wastes.

If these wastes remain untreated and undisposed for a longer time they can be life-threatening in some cases. Waste management is very important for building a sustainable environment and green cities.

There are waste management techniques that include landfills, plasma gasification, composting, recycling, waste minimization, combustion, etc. It helps in the protection of the environment making it beneficial by reducing every type of waste and conserving energy and preserving the planet.

Benefits of the Waste Management 

The waste management process includes the collection and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes from every single unit of society. We will discuss some of the benefits and advantages of proper waste disposal or waste management process. Some of the benefits are:-

Waste management keeps the environment clean

Waste management keeps the environment clean and hygienic which can allow for a disease-free environment. If proper safety measures are taken while the disposal of any waste it will have a positive impact on the health of the people and the environment. It has been seen to be the best benefit of proper disposal of waste.

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It saves earth by conserving energy 

Recycling of wastes helps in the sustenance of the environment as it reduces the cutting of trees. Cutting of trees is done for the production of papers and as we are heading towards a paperless system we can recycle and conserve energy which can lower the consumption of earthy resources. Recycling can promote the optimum utilization of resources and is an eco-friendly process that saves energy and preserves the earth.

Waste Management is a highly lucrative business 

Waste management is considered to be a high revenue-generating business that can benefit the industries and the employees working in such industries. It will in the future generate a profit of $60 million in this sector. Companies are now associating with this process and are ready to invest for a longer-term.

It generates employment opportunities 

Since this industry is growing rapidly a huge amount of the labour force is required to work right from the collection of wastes to the disposal of them. Every step of the waste management process requires manpower and employment of the people which can be fulfilled through the waste management industries.

It reduces pollution in the environment 

Waste management reduces not only solid wastes but also the greenhouse gases like methane and carbon monoxide. It has adverse effects on the health of the people. When such solid wastes are disposed of properly through waste disposal techniques it can reduce the harmful effects on the environment.

Waste Management Companies operating in Ireland 

We will discuss some of the major waste management companies that are operating in Ireland and have been collecting biomedical wastes, household wastes, and industrial wastes for many years in Ireland.


It was founded in the year 1973 by a businessman called Eamon Waters in Slane and ever since then this company has grown and become a major market player in Dublin, Ireland. Mr Eamon is still the largest shareholder of this company along with his family members.

It generates a revenue of $80 million per year with almost 700 employees working in the company. The business has 1,50,000 household customers and collects waste from the 15,000 businesses. Its business can expand shortly and has recently started supplying electricity from renewable sources.

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It was founded by Bernard and Maura Buckley in Dublin around four decades back. It is under the ownership of the Buckley family and their sons, Michael and Brian. It employs around 400 employees which collect in the Dublin City Council and South Dublin Council areas with 2,50,000 customers.


Greenstar was founded in the year 1999 in Ballyogan, Dublin which was brought by the US investment company Cerberus. It had a range of owners including the NTR group.

It collects waste from about 80,000 households and 15,000 businesses. It earns revenue of almost €99 million and employs around 850 employees.


It was established by businessmen Sean Doyle and Sean Rooney. It collects waste from households and businesses with around 70,000 clients around the Irish Republic. It recycles and treats waste for reuse. It operates its business in the commercial sector, power, water, and environment. Doyle and his sons are the directors of this business with profits of €2.7 million.

City Bin Co

Gene Brown is the founder of the City Bin Co in the year 1997 in Galway. It operates its business in Dublin, Fingal, and Galway. It serves industrial, households, and commercial users. Averda paid an enormous amount for a majority stake in an Irish company.

Current Status of Waste in Ireland 

The waste quantity is directly related or linked to economic activity, consumption patterns, and income levels.

Ireland has developed its waste management practices in the last two decades. A waste policy of ‘A Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy’ was published in 2020. Ireland has an ambition of preventing and reducing wastes, maximising recycling, and recycling residue wastes.

Ireland has generated 14 million tonnes of waste in 2018 which has 1/5th of waste as plastic from the Irish households. There are three landfills and two incinerators in Ireland where the residual waste can be used as fuel than disposed of. Treatment of any harmful or nonhazardous wastes is dependent on the export market.

There are over 2.9 million tonnes of municipal waste in Ireland in 2018 out of which 38% has been recycled, 43% used for recovery of energy, and 14% for landfills.

There are approximately 70,000 tonnes of street cleaning waste were collected in the year 2018. 47,000 household waste remains untreated which leads to illegal disposal of waste. Around a total of 0.5 million tonnes of hazardous wastes were generated which got increased by 70% in Ireland by 2012.

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The above sample is written on waste management in Ireland and its environmental effects.

Waste Management FETAC Level 5, Healthcare QQI Level 5, Applied Ecology QQI Level 5, Environmental Studies QQI Level 5, Diploma in Collection Operation and Maintenance QQI Level 4, Diploma in Collection Construction QQI Level 4 students can refer to this sample to gain knowledge on waste management process.

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