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Cloud Computing Security and Internet of Things Essay Sample 

This essay sample will deal with cloud computing security and the internet of things. It will also mention their benefits, names of Irish companies providing cloud services, and the internet of things. It shall also include the legislation naming the cyber laws in Ireland for ensuring cybersecurity.

Cloud Computing Security and Internet of Things Essay Sample

We will first briefly discuss what is cloud computing security and then focus on the definition of the internet of things.

What is cloud computing security? 

Cloud computing security comprises the procedures, controls, methods, and policies to work together in a cloud system.

Cloud security includes measures to protect the cloud data, making rules for users and devices, and protecting the confidential information of the consumers. It is a combined responsibility of the provider of service and owner of the business.

Cloud provider has to provide the best services for enhancement in the business processes. It includes the delivery of computer services like servers, software, storage, database, and network to offer innovation and economic resources.

What is the internet of things? 

The Internet of things is a network of physical things that connect over the internet and they collect data and exchange information. It shares information over a wireless system or network device without any intervention from humans. They interact like humans interact daily and learn from experiences.

It uses sensors for data exchange and capturing of data over the internet and it is done over a wireless connection.

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Example of Internet of things

Biometric cybersecurity scanners, shipping container and logistics tracking, autonomous farming equipment, wearable health monitors, connected appliances etc.

Name of Irish companies providing cloud services and internet of things 

Various companies are providing cloud data security and the internet of things in Ireland. Some of the names of Irish companies providing such services are –

Name of cloud computing companies in Ireland 

  • Techsure Limited
  • Nearform
  • Servecentric
  • Radius Technologies
  • Greenfinch Technology
  • Tibus
  • Comtrade Digital Services
  • Irish Apps
  • Black Marble
  • Accenture

Name of Irish companies providing internet of things 

  • Analog Devices
  • Dairymasker
  • Deloitte
  • Decawave
  • Siemens
  • University of Limerick
  • VT Networks
  • Nokia Bell Labs
  • Vodafone

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Benefits of Cloud storage and web security 

With the expansion of business processes, there is also an extension of networks and the internet. It requires web security as there is a growing threat of online data and also reducing the risk by getting the best cloud service provider.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing security are as follows:-

The centralised system of cloud web security: Data and the applications on the cloud are all centralised and controlled from one place. Similarly, the web security services are also centralised to be able to manage the entities.

Cental management of entities helps in increasing traffic analysis, monitoring of network events, web filtering, and increase in software updates.

Work of disaster recovery plans becomes simple when the entities and data need to be managed centrally from one place.

Reduction in cost due to cloud storage and security: Cloud security eliminates the need to invest in hardware and reduces the total cost and capital expenditure. It provides security to deal with cybersecurity issues throughout the day with no human intervention.

Cloud services reduce the need for administration: Due to cloud services, there is no need for manual security configurations and constant security updates. Administration need is reduced as data and entities are centralised in one place and are easily managed.

Reliability of the cloud data security: Cloud web security services are reliable and secured for the users as they have easy accessibility to data without any question of threat to security. It protects the data from any theft, commission, leakage, and corruption.

Cloud services provide all functions of traditional IT security as it allows the business data to remain private and secure.

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Benefits of the Internet of Things 

The Internet of things is the collection and exchange of data over a wireless connection. It has serious benefits for any business as it creates value.

Some of the benefits of the internet of things are as follows:-

It creates new business opportunities: The Internet of things creates new business opportunities by reducing the operational cost of business processes. It reduces the cost of an advanced analysis of the business opportunities and insights through a collection of data. 


After a close analysis of sample data of customer, analysing demand and request of services, it can generate revenue for the business by creating opportunities.

It improves the monitoring process: The Internet of things provides a better and close monitoring system of customers’ demands through the network. IoT sensors and devices are capable to manage physical objects.

IoT increases the customer dialogue: IoT increases the opportunity for customer interaction & the creation of business opportunities. It helps in the development of the marketing team and customer relations of the business by creating models that will increase the trust and dialogue of customers.

It generates business revenue: It can develop new services and products at a fast pace that can generate revenue. IoT data collection helps in identifying customer needs and revenue generation.


A company selling beauty products can provide data to their employees about new launched products. They can suggest to the customers these products according to their preferences.

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Irish legal provisions for cybercrimes and security

Cybercrime is a serious criminal offence that is done through computer networks and devices. Phishing is a common cyberattack and practice that includes stealing confidential data, denial of online services, and committing financial fraud.

Some of the main legal provisions of serious cyber crimes in Ireland have been mentioned below:-

  •  Hacking (Section 2) of Criminal Justice (Offences Relating to Information Systems) Act, 2017.
  • Denial of service attack (section 3) of 2017 Act.
  • Phishing.
  • Distribution or sale or offer to sale of software, hardware, and other tools (section 6) of 2017 Act.
  • Possession.
  • Infection of IT systems with malware (section 4) of 2017 Act.
  • Unsolicited penetration testing (section 2) of the 2017 Act.
  • Electronic Theft (Section 9) of Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act, 2001.
  • Identity threat or fraud (section 6) of the 2001 Act.

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