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Causes of Autism Essay

Autism spectrum disorder describes neurodevelopmental disorders. The problems with communication and social interaction raise ASD. Individuals who find environmental causes of autism demonstrate repetitive, restricted, and stereotypical patterns of behaviour.

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What causes Autism & Its Type, Cause & Symptoms - Research Sample Idea

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder cannot reach the same development as compared with healthy children. It is because symptoms of autism lack social and language skills among the child due to which children are not capable of engaging in daily routine activities. Moreover, a child with autism can find it hard to flourish without a structured environment. The students need to research how caregivers support child development and provide excellent treatments. It becomes easy for the students to take cheap assignment help and submit their research papers on time.

What are the causes of Autism?

a) Genetic Risk factors

Autism more common in first-born is the result of genetic differences or hereditable mutations. ASD is prevalent in boys as compared to girls as it is associated with the X chromosome. If there is more than one younger ASD-affected sibling, then the risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder is higher.

b) Environment factors

Pre or postnatal environmental factors such as dietary factors, environmental toxicants, and exposure to drugs interact with exposure to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Exposure to the medications and a history of viral infections can also become a root cause of autism.

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c) Neurobiological factors

The abnormalities in the genetic code lead to functional and structural brain abnormalities. Moreover, it can affect cognitive, symptomatic behaviors, and neurobiological abnormalities. The challenges arising from primary or secondary effects in developmental syndromes make the autism treatment quite complicated. The disruptions in the normative patterns of social neurodevelopment contribute to diminishing attention to social stimuli.

Symptoms of Autism

It is easy to find the symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder during early childhood. In between 12 to 24 months of age, healthcare supporters can see the symptoms of autism. However, symptoms can also appear in later child development. The early symptoms of autism include a marked delay in social development and language development as well. The symptoms of autism can be categorized into two factors:

  • Communication and social interaction: It includes the difficulties of an individual in sharing emotions and interests. The individuals are having two types of autism issues namely; communication and difficulty in maintaining a conversation. Autism Spectrum Disorder affects the skills in managing relationships, plus a child can have trouble in reading body language.
  • Repetitive patterns of behavior: The individual having Autism Spectrum Disorder faces repetitive movements and rigid adherence to specific practices. Children with ASD face an increase or decrease in sensitivity to sensory information from the environment.

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Sample research paper on what causes autism

Title: How can healthcare supporters treat autism?

Though there are no cures for ASD, some of the treatment considerations and therapies can help individuals feel better. Some of the best treatment approaches include play therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Along with it, meditation techniques and massages can provide relaxation among individuals who have autism. It is the responsibility of parents to acknowledge the prognosis of autism and critical activities that can help in treating their child. It becomes useful to focus on significant symptoms of autism to provide proper treatment.

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