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White Claw Ireland Case Study Solution Ireland

White Claw is a popular Irish drink. It is an alcoholic beverage. The nomenclature of the product is very much inspired by an Irish comedian.

The gen z population in Ireland is very much addicted to this drink and that can be comprehended from the fact that in the year 2019 Ireland witnessed a 250% rise in the sales of the product.

White Claw Ireland Case Study Example Ireland

This is a case study that not just discusses the history of this alcoholic beverage, it also discusses the industry in Ireland that is responsible for manufacturing such beverages.

Besides, this write-up also highlights customers and the competitors of White Claw Ireland. The audience and readers of this case study can also obtain information about the business model of White Claw and they can also understand why White Claw is so very successful in Ireland.

White Claw History

White Claw is a beer manufacturing business and it came into existence in the year 2016. Von Mandi who is in the alcohol business since the 1970s started manufacturing and selling White Claw.

A significant population in UK and Ireland are consumers of this alcoholic beverage and that can be understood by the annual sales figures of While Claw.

Alcoholic beverages industry in Ireland

In the UK and Ireland, alcoholic beverages imply beers and ready-to-consume beverages. Both the beer and the ready-to-consume beverages contribute significantly to Ireland’s GDP.

This is because a significant section of the Irish population is addicted to alcoholic beverages like White Claw. This has also contributed to the regular increase in the alcohol beverage industry in Ireland.

Understanding reveals that the demand for this alcoholic beverage (White Claw) is set to grow in the years to come as more and more kids are attaining adulthood and are consuming beers and other alcoholic beverages.

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Competitors and customers of White Claw

In Ireland and the UK, there is yet another beverage that is quite popular among the customers apart from the White Claw and that is the Hard Seltzers. However, in this context, it is relevant to add that Hard Seltzers are often considered a drink for the girls.

This is primarily because of the attributes of the drink. Therefore, Hard Seltzers is marketed only to women folks in Ireland. Other alcoholic beverages are considered tough competitors to White Claw and they include the likes of Smirnoff Ice.

Many in Ireland consider Smirnoff Ice to be a girly drink. On the contrary, White Claw is such an alcoholic beverage that can be relished not just by the girls but also by the boys in Ireland. Among the different alcoholic beverages that are there in Ireland White Claw is a popular choice among the Irish folks.

Business Model of White Claw

White Claw is sold to the customers via distributors and retailers. The product has a very appealing logo and hence it is quite popular among the people in Ireland.

Besides, it is discovered that the social media content developed in Ireland is creating videos and memes for the product and that is aiding the manufacturer of White Claw to become more and more popular in Irish and neighboring markets.

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What are the success factors of White Claw?

This section of the write-up discusses the factors that are contributing to the success of the White Claw. Following are the factors that are contributing to the success of White Claw:-

Popularity because of Irish social media

Understanding reveals that the success of the product is because of the social media marketing that is aimed to promote the sales of the product.

Popularity because of video creators in Ireland

Besides, the video creators who are responsible for the marketing of the product are known to create attractive and appealing videos and memes for the product. These videos and memes are known to expand the customer base for the product not just in Ireland but also in neighboring nations.

White Claw is the preferred choice for customers in Ireland

Also, White Claw products are perfect when it comes to customer needs and requirements. More and more alcohol consumers in Ireland prefer healthier options when it comes to drinking and White Claw can deliver that. The drink is free from gluten and is low in calories. Hence it is a perfect option for all the beverage drinkers in Ireland.

Challenges to White Claw

White Claw is a popular alcoholic beverage in Ireland and also the neighboring nations. This is because of enhanced social media marketing for the product.

However, it needs to be understood that social media sometimes may not be that effective in the marketing and sales of the product. Also, there are more and more competitors in the alcohol beverage industry in Ireland and hence White Claw is facing challenges from the competitors.

Besides, there are distribution issues as far as White Claw is concerned. These things are required to be sorted out to make White Claw stand out amidst the competition.

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