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Why Do Children Need SPHE? Essay Sample

In this article, we will be throwing light on the topic that “Why Do Children Need SPHE?”. Basically, SPHE stands for Social, personal and Health Education. Also, It has been incorporated as an important segment of the Curriculum of Primary School Ireland. You will agree with us if we say that a child’s holistic development includes widening the horizons of education. Thus, SPHE aims at providing social, personal, and health-related knowledge to the children.

SPHE has a special curriculum other than that of the Primary School. Thus, it involves the restructuring of the Curriculum of Schools. Also, it requires the joint work of the school management, teachers, and the parents of the students.

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Need and Importance of SPHE for children:

The primary target of every school should be the overall development of the child. Now, the complete development and growth of the child include several factors, like, personal growth, social well-being, good health, sharpening his skills and knowledge, etc. Keeping the holistic development of the child in mind, the concept of SPHE was introduced.

Additionally, it also covers the areas of physical education, a certain amount of civil education that is relevant for the students. Besides this, it also includes providing the students with knowledge about sexuality so that they can refrain from bad practices such as drug abuse, addiction, or any kind of illegal activity. Not only this, SPHE is important because it also focuses on giving the students knowledge about public relationships and how they can become responsible citizens of their respective countries.

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 Curriculum Design of Primary School and SPHE:

As stated above the Curriculum needs to be designed in a way such that it involves the subjects that help in the overall development of the children. Hence, SPHE is an integral part of the Primary School Curriculum. The following subjects are included in the Primary School Curriculum including SPHE:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Environment, Social Education
  4. Arts
  5. Music
  6. SPHE
  7. Religious education

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Structure and Parts of SPHE:

For the children belonging to Classes 2-6, the SPHE involves 3 parts or sections that are also called Strands of SPHE. These strands include educating the students in the fields like Myself, Myself and others and finally, Myself and the wider world. Now, what is included in these 3 parts are highlighted as follows:

  1. Myself: Educating the child about his/her own identity, child growth, and care, the safety of the child
  2. Myself and Others: The relationship of the child with his/her peers
  3. I and the wider world: Framing the knowledge about media, understanding the idea of Citizenship, etc.

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In the nutshell, this article highlights every point you need to know about SPHE, the importance, and the necessity of SPHE. Also, if you require any assistance for SPHE assignments you can reach out to our expert writers easily.

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