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Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers Essay Sample

While working with the parents and carers in partnership both could help each other to work for the betterment of the child’s future and development. This sample essay will focus on the benefits of working in a partnership with parents and carers. This partnership gives the children a sense of security and a reliable support system.

It ensures an elaborate discussion on the child’s physical, mental, social and psychological needs and issues affecting the child. The partnership of parents and carers of a child makes them more aware of the child’s immediate environment in which he is learning and growing.

Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers Essay Sample

Carers could ensure a peaceful and happy environment for children in their schools similarly parents could make the environment back at home peaceful for children.

Every childcarer plays a vital role in a child’s education and learning. In Irish education legislation and policy, the responsibility and duties of the parent are considered to be of utmost importance. Therefore to create a healthy and effective positive environment parents needs to have a quality relationship with the childcarer.

Reasons why working in partnership with parents is important 

Many reasons make working in partnership with parents and carers vital for a child’s overall welfare. Some of them are-

1. Legal Reasons

  • Both international and national level legislation considers the involvement of parents in a child’s education to be important.
  • Article 42.1 of the Constitution of Ireland says that it is the inevitable right and duty of the parents to safeguard their children. Family is the first educator of the child and hence must take care of his physical, emotional, mental and psychological needs.
  • United Nations Convention also states that parents’ rights and responsibilities are to be respected by the third party.

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2. Professional Reasons

Building a strong relationship with parents by teachers is also needed for fulfilling their professional commitments for childcare. It enhances the knowledge and learning environment of the child by influencing the child’s behaviour and attitude.

3. Sociological Reasons

  • Parents are the first educators of the child who are primarily responsible for the child’s social values and skills. Child’s emotional and intellectual growth depends upon their social environment.
  • Parents are considered to be the social element that a child first interacts with within his environment. Parents have a responsibility to give proper values and learning at home so that they can behave well socially and interact with others outside. This also enhances a child’s learning and cognitive skills.

4. Government Policy Reasons

  • There should be a promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion through government policy so that there can be parents’ involvement in the life of the child.
  • National Children Strategy is Irish legislation that highlights the measures that are taken for the involvement of parents and families in a child’s development in a coordinated manner.

5. Child’s physical, emotional and intellectual needs 

  • Parents’ involvement in the early years of education of a child turns out to be fruitful in the later years of a child. It creates a balance and consistency between their home and school.
  • Parents involved in a child’s early years could easily identify the physical, emotional, psychological, and intellectual needs of the child and could easily cater to them.
  • This not only helps the parents but also the carers to understand the various needs and demands of the child. Children could also have additional needs for education and safeguard.

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Benefits of Parents and Carers working together in a partnership 

The benefits that the parents and carers get by working together in a partnership are about a child’s overall welfare and development.

Benefits of parents in the partnership 

  • When parents work in partnership with the childcarer they feel valued and respected as their voice is being heard by the carer.
  • They can get directly involved in their child’s learning and development process in the childcare setting.
  • They can easily get access to any information about their child from the carer and also pass on some vital information about the child’s background to his teacher.
  • Parents feel happy and contented that their family values, traditions, faith and beliefs are also taken into consideration for the child’s learning.
  • Parents get information about a child’s behaviour and attitude outside their home environment and could use this information to enhance the child’s learning and development effectively.
  • An increase in confidence in parenting skills could also be seen in parents.

Benefits of carers in the partnership 

  • A better understanding of the child’s family background could make the learning process enjoyable for them.
  • Carers help in understanding a child’s behaviour and developing his personality by helping them identify with their social and religious values.

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  • They can provide an emotionally secured and happy space for a child’s learning.
  • The carers could become more flexible in their teaching methods and techniques while delivering lessons to the children. The teaching technique depends upon a child’s nature and personality and may vary from one child to another.

For example – A notorious child could be handled not just by scolding rather by being playful with him while teaching.

While a child who is an introvert needs to be encouraged by his carer to speak and voice their opinions freely in front of others and to be more communicative.

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The above essay is written to target the Childcare, QQI Level 5 and 6 and Wellbeing students. This sample is highlighting working in partnership with parents and carers for the betterment of the children and also Parents Child relationships.

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