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The Children Act 2001 is the prime legislative framework for the Irish youth system. The main objective of the act is to provide education, care, training, and fulfill the needs of a child who needs special protection or care.

The child detention campus governed under a single Board of Management is responsible for the day to day good order, security, and proper safety of sentenced youth within the campus. The campus is funded by the IYJS (Irish Youth Justice Service) in the DCYA (Department of Children and Youth Affairs) for the proper protection of the child.

Things are done quite differently in the child detention campus. The staff provides a safe and secure environment for young people imprisoned by the courts instead of reacting physically.

However, if the teenager refuses to admit the changes then they put him in the room at the back of the cell where he gets monitored. The youth can become capable to understand their responsibility by observing the law and capable to make a productive contribution to society. It is beneficial for students to take help from online childcare samples to collect informative data on youth crime.

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What do Irish students mean by the child’s detention model of care?

In the child detention campus, the staff applies a care framework that guides all the stages of a young person’s journey. The framework is beneficial for the development of children’s welfare plans for each young one in Ireland. There are five pillars of the child detention model:

  • Care: During the intake process, the staff of the campus assesses and identifies the specific needs of each person. By putting the caring measures in the right place, the campus staff builds positive relationships with the family. Care needs can be long-term or short-term and can differ from individual to individual. The efficient care required by young people is offered by the multi-disciplinary team and trained experts.
  • Offending behavior: The mission of the detention campus is to support each child before, during, and after their appearance at court. By delivering risk education programming, the team of campus provides specific interventions to reduce the risks of offending behavior among youth.
  • Health: A key part of the healthcare planning system fulfills the physical, mental, social, and emotional needs of the child. The fully-equipped medical facility on the detention campus is capable to provide proper support to the youth. There are various methods to measure health and well-being improvements from better engagement and raising health awareness.
  • Education: The child detention campus has two educational centers that cater to young people who are sentenced by the court. Learning opportunities within this campus include structured form such as school, specialized form such as risk education program, and informal education system.
  • Preparation for leaving: Preparation for leaving for the youth includes practical programs that are properly supervised and regularly reviewed. The supervision program includes all aspects of care include finances, living skills, accommodation, and healthcare.

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Dissertation sample on youth crime in Ireland

Title: What are the alternatives to custodial sentences in Ireland?

The majority of people are sent to prison for short-term custodial sentences. The main objective of the staff at the child detention campus is to convince the teenager to hand over the drugs voluntarily. However, there are some alternatives to custody which include the broad use of community service orders, suspended sentences, and many more. The community services aim to prepare the youth to take their place into the community.

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