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What is Special Purpose award Level 7 Courses?

Special Purpose awards level 7 is a third level education which is awarded by the National Framework of Qualification (NFQ) which is made for some specific purpose.

These courses can be studied in various subjects including Banking, Business Management, Fire Engineer, Report Writing, Conversation Skills, Arts and many more. These courses are awarded by quality and qualification in Ireland. Level 7 QQI courses are usually studies in the college with the period of 3 years full-time but there are many short-term courses also available which can be studied in flexible hours in 6 months to 2 years depended on the course and university selected.

  • The outcome of this course:- Special purpose award level 7 is a course which develops the learner’s specific skills and provides with in-depth knowledge on the subject and related area. The courses are provided through many practical and theoretical lectures to increase learner’s practical and theoretical knowledge as well as skills so they can equip with the deep understanding of their role and responsibility of the workplace.

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To understanding the student’s learning college faculties of level 7 QQI courses are most likely to give assignments on daily basis including project work, thesis, case study, review writing and many more.

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