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Academic Paper Proofreading Tips

Generally, the students complete their academic papers with full passion, hard work, and commitment and submit them to their faculties with full confidence without proofreading them because they think proofreading is not necessary.

But let me tell you, proofreading is an essential step of Academic Writing. You must proofread your paper before submission.

Tips for Academic Proofreading

 Proofreading is required to make your assignments better

Proofreading is the last but crucial step in academic writing. It helps you to find out the grammatical error, spelling errors, bad tone, and badly phrased used in your paper and if you read your documents thoroughly and deeply then it will help you to check the relevance of writing with the topic. So it is highly recommended to proofread your academic paper before submission.

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How to proofread your paper:

 Being a student you give a big time in writing your paper and you always want your hard work to get a reward in terms of your marks even after you have written a superb paper but it has some small grammatical error or spelling error, your faculty will not give you deserving marks. So you should give an intense check to your paper before you make it submit.

Below are some steps that you should follow to proofread your paper:

  • Keep your paper aside and wait:

Expert says that once you have finished with your paper, keep your paper aside and wait. You need to wait one day before you proofread your paper. If you don’t have one day then you should at least wait for 2 hours and indulge yourself in some other activity. Your mind needs to stay away and needs to involve some other things so it can forget whatever you have written.

  • Read your paper in a quiet place:

You can never proofread your thesis or other academic papers when you are in a hurry or while doing multiple tasks like watching TV or listening to a movie or talking to someone else. To find out small mistakes your brain needs to be focused.

  • Check your typical mistakes first:

This is so common to have some specific writing errors you will see that many students write then at the place of then or vice versa, so you always check the common mistake first in your paper.

You should always check your past mistakes too, which was pointed out by your grader in your last papers.

  • Read your paper loudly:

You should read each sentence loudly because it increases your attention to each word and line. Instead of reading loudly, if you read your essay slowly then your mind will read certain things the way it knows them. It will help you to find out if you have uses the punctuations and commas correctly or not. It helps you evaluate if your paper has brought the same meaning you wanted or if you have been distracted between the ways.

  • Grammatical and Spelling errors:

There are many applications available that you can use to check your paper for grammatical and spelling errors.  You should check your paper once with that; it helps you to make your paper error-free.

  • Breakdown long sentences into small lines:

If there is a sentence with more than 2 “and” or conjunctive words then you should break down that sentence in a small line with a simple meaning. You should write a sentence with max. 12-15 words so it can understand easily.

  • Double-check with the referencing style:

You should check each referencing and bibliography provided in the paper. Any incomplete information like date, page number, publisher, etc, is considered incorrect referencing.

Make sure that all the information and ideas collected from other sources are paraphrased properly and it should not look like the original one.

  • Pass Others to Check Your Paper for Errors

You should proofread your paper on your own but it is advisable to get your paper proofread by your friend, advisor, or professional proofreaders because the second set of eyes is necessary to catch minor mistakes that you cannot notice being a writer.

As an author, sometimes you become blind to specific and obvious errors. Like sometimes students accidentally write whales when they meant to write whales. So having one pair of professional eyes, which you can trust can be a key to your success.

While taking help from a professional proofreader you should always be sure that your “voice” remains the same. Your paper should sound as if it is written by you, not by the one who has intensive knowledge of the subjects.

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Hiring Professional Proofreading Services Helps a lot

Lastly, I want to conclude that a professional proofreading service always provides valuable insight into your paper and helps you to grab your faculty’s attention by providing them with a mindful usage of words.

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