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Occupational Health and Safety Assignment Example

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Occupational Health and Safety Assignment Example

Topic: Occupational health And safety assignment example

Subject: Health and Assignment 1

Occupational Health And safety assignment Introduction:

Health and safety in the workplace are some of the main factors to think about. As if there are many reasons that can exacerbate the health-related problem, there may be chances of occurring severe damage to it. Within modern industries, there are many dangers that people can identify as health-related issues. Heavy chemicals, pressure for strict deadlines, hiring unskilled workers, and other issues are some examples of these threats.

I have discussed all such problems in this essay with a clear explanation. I have also suggested some means through which employees can protect themselves from such dangers. As it is obvious that a healthy environment gives a sound mind, so to work effectively, the workplace should be safe from all the possible threats.

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Health and safety are primarily concerned with providing workers with a safe and healthy workplace. In 1950, the International Labor Organization declared a definition of health and safety- “Occupational wellness should aim at promoting and sustaining the highest level of workers’ physical, mental and social well-being in all professions.

Working conditions cause prevention among the employees for the departure from health. It protects the workers from risks resulting from adverse health factors in their work. The worker’s position and maintenance in an occupational environment that suits to his physiological and psychological ability.”

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Good health and Safety will result in good business. It has become a pressing issue these days, which requires immediate focus. Generally, some organizations fail to understand this importance. Workplace health and safety should also protect colleagues, employers, family members, vendors, neighboring communities, consumers, and other public members who have a link with the workplace environment.

To achieve it, organizations need to enhance activities among several focus areas like occupational medicine, public health, industrial hygiene, eating habits of employees, chemistry, physics of health, and safety engineering.

The leading issues in organizations suffering from the excess cost that they have to bear are when the employees face accidents, or they fall ill. The suffered employee has to face medical expenses and absences. Therefore, more attention is paid to implementing the importance of good health and safety programs.

A safe working climate for low-class workers is also a reasonable requirement. From the worker digging a tunnel to the executive assistant to the site manager, all anticipate going home every night without being injured on the job.

Accidents and getting any disease can be avoided in many cases if the organization and its employees take appropriate measures. For some organizations, it comes at first place in the list of their consideration, and they don’t tolerate even minor injuries. Occupational health and safety also influence the job bond and outsourcing, and it is necessary to ensure that the laws in force have complied with them.

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There are many issues affecting employees ‘ health and safety, for example, eating junk food from the canteen, exposure to different temperature environments, lack of experience with launched machinery, etc.

There are mainly three Es that prevail with occupational health & safety:

  • Engineering- Includes knowledge of safety issues when building equipment.
  • Education- Train staff on safety procedures and how to do their job safely
  • Enforcement- It is crucial to enforce firm rules and policies.

All businesses, without exception, face health and safety issues that could adversely affect their employees and the workplace. Employers should understand the risks that prevail at their workplace and, therefore, must take all the necessary precautions.

Employers have to face more risk when they believe protection is no longer a priority or when they redirect all the assets that have been made available to the department of health and safety elsewhere. The essential elements in reducing workplace injuries and illness are the detections, prevention, and mitigation of threats.


To make occupational health and safety possible, the organization should adopt an approach that combines ergonomic job design, medical supervision, worker training and involvement, a corporate organization that promotes safety, and a competent supervisor. The company should place safety before carrying out any production.

It should organize some programs with which the employees can learn the value of hygiene and healthy eating habits in their careers. We have seen that the noose is tightening these days in the country and repeated inadequate safety and hygiene habits are now being treated in the same way as the drink-driving with hefty fines.

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