Care Skills FETAC Level 5 Course

FETAC Level 5 course consists of care support, care skills, safety & health at work, experience, behavior management, care of people with mental illness, etc. Here we are providing you with a list of care skills FETAC level 5 assignments. During the Care skill course, students have to write essays and case studies. Learners who will successfully complete this course will equip with many things such as- The learner can identify those people who need healthcare services. They can successfully examine the physical, psychological, emotional, personal, social, and spiritual needs of the individuals.

Indispensable Care Skills for a Student of Care Skills FETAC Level 5 Course

So, every student who loves to help and care for people and aspires to become a care worker must possess some essential skills as well. They should be calm and follow every necessary step of the individual patient’s health plan.

Here are some top skills which are imperative for a care worker: –

  1. Safe Environment- How to maintain a safe environment of care?
  2. Communication- How to communicate with different people easily?
  3. Eating & Drinking- Eating & drinking habits.
  4. How to maintain Personal Hygiene & Dressing?
  5. How to control body temperature?
  6. Give an overview of Work & Recreation?
  7. Expressing Sexuality
  8. Sleeping disorders.
  9. Caring for a Dying person.
  10. Breathing Problems & exercises.

Apart from utilizing all these skills effectively, they also need to take care of patient’s moods, activities and subsequently avoid the interpersonal issues that arise in care work with clients.

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About the FETAC Level 5 Care Skill Course

Care skill FETAC Level 5 is a third level higher certified course that is awarded by the National Framework of Qualification (NFQ) in Ireland. This course is designed to equip the learner with the required skills, knowledge, and competencies so that they can care for the clients effectively. This course enables the students to work efficiently in a safe and hygienic environment in any healthcare setting.

Care skill FETAC level  5 courses are focused on 3 areas such as-

  • What is the care of the customer?
  • How to use the care skill equipment efficiently so that they can use them individually in the workplace.
  • Enhance assisting skills.

To understand the client care at the range of various needs, firstly, we need to examine all needs of clients and specify the group of the people who need extra personal care. Encourage the clients by respecting their needs and create some activities that allow them to live their lives independently.

Correct use of equipment makes them learn the right usage of the equipment so that they can illustrate the danger of the wrong usage of the equipment maintaining a safe environment.

Many universities and colleges in Ireland provide care skill FETAC 5 courses. These courses are usually a part-time course or a single module course that can be studied either on-campus or out of the campus. However, any student who opts either of the course programs will surely get the FETAC level 5 care support assignment which will eventually be playing a major role in their final course result.

This course is a perfect direction for those who are already working in the healthcare setting or those who are planning their career in healthcare settings and requires a formal qualification.

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Learning Outcomes of the Care Skill FETAC 5 courses

The care skill courses lying under the list of FETAC level 5 educates the ambitious students with intimate knowledge as well as stiff understanding and practice of duties & responsibilities of a healthcare assistant especially in cases of older people and infants.

Apart from that, they get to learn a variety of things like: –

  • Care Skills students can easily identify the needs of the hygiene of the clients.
  • Discuss the prevention methods with the clients and family.
  • Understand the correct procedure of the cleaning and replacement of the already used equipment.
  • Respond effectively to the needs of particular clients.
  • Equip with all interpersonal skills and understand how to demonstrate this while dealing with the clients.
  • Present dignity, respect, empathy, and effective communication skills.
  • Understand how to take initiative for the clients to increase the individual’s involvement in social events, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.
  • Understand how to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for the patients.
  • Help the patients and clients in their activity, dressing, eating, drinking, mobility, and social needs.
  • Equip knowledge on client safety and security procedure at the site. Also comprehend the client care procedures such as bathing, washing, positioning, showering, handling, and moving.
  • Learn how to maintain the privacy, independence, dignity, and positive self-image of the clients while giving them treatment and care.
  • Equip the knowledge on how to use the care equipment such as sensory equipment, mechanical aids including mobility aid, washing aids, hoists, elimination aids, aids to encourage independence.
  • Learn how to complete all documents of clients.
  • How to report the supervisor when there is a change in the condition of the clients.
  • Appreciate the model of care.
  • Learn the communication skills which consist of a career’s role.
  • Aware of nursing ethics and etiquette in a care situation.
  • Acquire practical skills in the personal care field.

Who can apply for this course?

Care skill FETAC level 5 is an advanced learning course that is provided to give advanced learning in the care skill field and to enhance the relevant skills. So this course is best for those students who want to stable their career in this field or for those professionals including the manager, supervisor, responsible persons, and other healthcare employees who are working in the nursing field and want to get a higher knowledge in care skill field. Students have to read and write case studies of patients.

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What are the requirements to get an entry in care skill FETAC level 5 courses?

  • Those who are willing to take admission in the care skill course must have a level 4 certificate or equivalent qualification or work experience.
  • The learner must have adequate experience or currently working in the healthcare sector throughout this course as assignments are given in this course are required to be drawn on the basis of practical knowledge.
  • If you are applying for a distance learning course then you will get the course material by post. You need to read and complete the assignments and projects given to you within the time phrase.
  • If you want to apply for the e-learning course then you must have IT skills and have access to broadband.
    Candidate must hold an Irish level 3 heart saver CPR certificate or equivalent to this.

 What is the duration of care skill FETAC level 5 courses?

Care skill FETAC level 5 is a short-term course that can be delivered through distance learning, e-learning, and on-campus depending on the university selected. This course can be completed in 4 days to 12 weeks, which depends on the candidate’s preference.

Moreover, students are required to carry out work experience in order to complete the course requirements and assessment procedure.

How you will be assessed in the Care skills FETAC Level 5 course?

Care skill FETAC  level 5 is a short-term course which is a practical learning course and the assessment in this course is based on your skill demonstration and the assignment quality.

The candidate will be assessed in a broad range of their practical skills, where a candidate has to complete a minimum of 3 practical tasks with reference to below-mentioned elements:

  • Preparation and implementations
  • Health and safety provision
  • Communication

If a candidate fails to demonstrate such skills then he will need to get assessed in the independent working area.

Other than the skills demonstration, they have to submit assignments within a specific period of time where they have to present their understanding of the subject. Such a given assignment is focused on client care which is depended on the work experience in the healthcare department in care skills FETAC level 5 course.

  • Certification: If a learner successfully completes this course, he/she will be awarded a QQI level 5 major awards in health care support or nursing studies.

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