Care Support Assignment Examples for Ireland Students

Caring for someone to cure their physical & mental health is not an easy task. You have to support him in his pain. Healthcare students in Ireland usually get confused with care support assignments assigned by their professors. They don’t know how to write effective care support assignments. Here we are providing you an example of a care support assignment.

Sample of care support assignment

In this sample, we are considering a night shift care supporter report writing

I am a night shift care support assistant & I am focusing on 77 years old lady. Her name was Alice & she wasn’t able to sleep well so I was talking to her that night continuously to know more about her.

Alice came to Dingle few 6 months ago. She lived with her 45 years old son Riley until she found her sleepless nights more exhausting. Alice was a devoted wife for 50 years until her husband died. She became depressed after losing him. Then I asked her about her married life & her teenage life. She told me that, the relations with her husband were not so good. Her son used to abuse her & behavior of her daughter in law was not good towards her.

Whenever we went her place, she used to say that she wanted to get sleep then she got straight back in her bed & again woke up after 5 minutes. Then she pulled her skirt down. We ensure that she is wearing comfortable clothes & if she wanted to go to the toilet. I fed her, gave her medicine & a glass full of milk so she could sleep easily.

Alice used to stay in her bedroom that led me to believe that she is fearful of being left alone. When I sat beside her bed and put my hand on her forehead she drifted off to sleep for an hour.

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Writing a care support assignment is a common task given to the healthcare students studying in Irish universities such as the University College Cork, Warnborough College, and University College Dublin, etc. A student gets many nursing care assignments such as a dissertation, essay, report writing, case study, and review writing depends on the degree to which students are studying.

Every Irish student has to complete many assignments as their professors assign this task to evaluate their academic knowledge and skills and give a chance to understand, how to use the theoretical knowledge in a practical field effectively?

Whenever a care support assignment is assigned to the Irish students, the first question that comes in their mind is, “which is the best assignment topic to write on”?

To create an eye-catching care skill assignment paper, it is vital to select an outstanding topic that helps you to stand out of the class and helps to impress your professor.

So here our academic assignment writers have suggested some tips to select an outstanding care skill assignment topic and provided a list of topics that might work for your assignment paper.

Tips to select a perfect topic for care skills assignment paper

Selecting a perfect topic is the first and essential step to write an impressive assignment paper so here are some modules to select a perfect assignment topic for care skills assignment:

  • Analyze your interest area: Before selecting an interesting topic, you need to analyze and think about what area of care skill discipline appeals to you the most. Many researchers have proved that writing on your interest area always produces a constructive result so first; you need to analyze and decide which area of nursing care excites you the most.
  • Research on your interest area: Once you have decided on the interest area, you need to conduct thorough research on your selected area. You can study journals, publications, textbooks, or you can study the prior student’s assignments to select the potential topics.
  • Brainstorm a list of topics: Through research, you must have found out a potential area, narrow down all possible topic which lies under your interest area. You must select a topic that is related to some recent trends or some innovation done on the nursing or care skill department.
  • Evaluate the topics: Now, you need to evaluate all aspects of the selected topics such as how much potential the topic is, how well you can get the relevant data, what is the future scope of the topic, etc.
  • Analyze the scope of the topic: Next, evaluate the future scope of the selected topics and decide the one in which you find the most potential having a great future scope.
  • Finalize a topic: Finally, decide the one topic in which you find the most appropriate one and which is most suitable and can be completed within the time limit.
  • Care skills assignment topics: Still, if you aren’t able to select an appropriate topic for your care support assignment that can impress your faculty and get you higher academic grades then refer the list below, which we have created for you. You can select one topic from the list or you can combine 2-3 topics to make one interesting topic.

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Go through the list and select a vibrant topic for your care support assignment

Not a single care support assignment sample but you might have gone through multiple samples to get idea for your coursework.  If you are sick of searching topics for your care support assignment, you can inspect the following list and select one for yours.

Here is the list of the foremost topics most of the Irish students ask assignment help for: –

  1. Examine the Swanson’s Theory of caring.
  2. Incorporate the meta paradigm of nursing with the theory of caring
  3. Explain the theory of self-care
  4. Describe Dr. Jane Watson’s theory of human caring.
  5. Explain Jane Watson’s theory of caring.
  6. Personal statement on healthcare
  7. How to care for An Inmate?
  8. How to care for adults of our society?
  9. Self-care and its effect on caregivers
  10. How to care for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease?
  11. How to care for women with Preeclampsia and Eclampsia?
  12. Explain how sharing is caring?
  13. Case study on self-care
  14. What is the importance of studying caring in nursing practices?
  15. How to care a patient with pain?
  16. Report writing on adult care
  17. How to care a Person with Dementia?
  18. Describe the theory of self-care deficit
  19. How to care for a mentally III patient?
  20. How to care for a critically III patient?
  21. Ethos of healthcare essays
  22. Describe the concept of care support
  23. How to care for the patient suffering from Alzheimer’s disease?
  24. Describe a theory of nursing care
  25. What specific care is needed by my grandmother?
  26. How to care the adults at our home?
  27. Caring, partnership, a meaning engagement.
  28. Specify the care needed by children.
  29. What are the quality care models?
  30. What are the nurse’s perceptions to dying patients?
  31. Best way to care your adult parents?
  32. What is the importance of caring and serving the patients in society?
  33. What is the care needed by the patient suffering from a chronic disease?
  34. Describe the ageing process?
  35. Connection between ageing and caring needs.
  36. Nursing theory analysis of Watson’s caring model
  37. Importance and benefits of community services.
  38. Analysis of Simone Roach’s theory of caring.
  39. Describe a quantitative approach to evaluate caring in stimulation.
  40. Quality of life of spouses when caring with the loved one with Dementia.
  41. The effect of child foster care on the caring of children
  42. What is the importance of caring at special education needs settings?
  43. Describe the caring methods of the patients with major depressive disorder.
  44. Caring for our environment
  45. Explain the theory of human caring and the theory of adaption
  46. Describe how love and caring can lead to success
  47. Treat the patients and the disease
  48. Caring in healthcare services
  49. A comparison of the self-care model

These are some potential topics of care skill discipline. You can select one topic or combine 2-3 or more topics to create your own interesting topic.

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