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Infection Prevention And Control Learner Record Assignment Sample

Infection Control is the discipline concerned with preventing nosocomial or health-related infection, a practical epidemiology sub-discipline. It is an essential part of the health care infrastructure, although often under-recognized and under-supported.

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Infection Prevention And Control Learner Record Assignment Sample

Free learner record Sample on Infection Prevention and Control

Subject – Assignment 1

Topic – Infection Prevention and control

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is a scientific approach and rational response designed to protect patients and health workers from harm caused by infection. Its focus is on infectious diseases, epidemiology, social science and the strengthening of the health system. In the area of patient safety and quality universal healthcare coverage, IPC holds a unique position as it is vital to health workers and patients at every single healthcare session.

How one gets the infection?

There are several ways through which an individual get stuck by the infection. We should know the methods through which we can control the spread of infection. Prevention of infection is essential because sometimes it costs the death of the person. Pathogens, when infecting the host, will lead to some dis-balance in his body. The latent period of each and every pathogen is different. There is a transfer of some microbes from one person to another through touch, sharing, blood transfusion and many more methods.

Let us take an example, during a hospital visit, the chances of getting an infection have increased several folds. As in the hospital, there are patients with many different infections. Among all these infections, some are communicable, and some are not. If one should not follow the safety measures, then most probably he or she will get infected by the contagious infection.

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In the case of multiple partners, chances of STD, i.e. sexually transmitted diseases, increases to many folds. Also, if we do not focus on the vaccination process of the newborn baby, then he or she will become immunologically weak. And thus, the child will become the home for many opportunistic infections.

Therefore proper childcare from his birth time is important. An individual must focus on his health. If one should not focus on his health, then his immunity to fight with the foreign antigen will decrease. There are also many other ways too through which one gets infected by the pathogen.

Precautions to be taken for the prevention of the infection:

One must follow the precautions to protect themselves from the infection. The government of every country has started many measures to control the spread of any dangerous or normal infection. Sometimes people ignore the vaccination process of their child.

Due to this carelessness, their child will become immunologically weaker. And will not be able to fight or produce the antibodies against the antigen. Due to the lack of antigen-antibody reaction, a child becomes weaker and weaker because the pathogen is creating disturbance in his body.

Therefore the government always focuses on the care of newborns. If an individual meeting with the trauma or any other injury, then it is necessary to do proper nursing of the infected part. If there is not the appropriate nursing of that part, then the chances of getting other infections on the site of injury have increased to several times.

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Along with childcare, nursing; healthcare also plays a vital role in preventing the chances of infections. Healthcare means to focus on their own health. A person must eat healthy food and follow a scheduled routine, including yoga and exercise. All this will leads to the elimination of toxicity from the body. An individual focusing more on junk food (commonly seen in younger children) than the infected mosquitoes roaming around the food also infect the person.

Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate on health to protect ourselves from the chances of infection. One should not make physical relation with every second person as it will result in the STD’s, i.e. sexually transmitted disease. Couples must plan their future goals regarding the number of children.

As uneducated individuals keep on breeding the number of children and therefore there is a diversion of the health of each and every child. Thus, parents must focus on the health of children, not on their number as a healthy child is equivalent to a hundred infected children.

The government has also started many healthcare programs to eliminate the chances of death, causing infections. The government has opened many public toilets on the roadsides. Vaccination schemes have also begun by the government. In this, the employees of the government camp in many different parts of the country and provide the facility of free vaccination for newborn babies. Municipal communities have chosen a proper landscape in their areas for the departure of garbage from all the houses of the cities. Sewages of roadsides have covered with cement so that infection-causing mosquitoes do not roam around them and cause infection.

Along with the government, we also have to do some more precautions on our part to protect ourselves from infection. We must use sanitizer before eating anything. Individuals must use mosquitoes repellent in their surroundings.

The list of precautions does not end here. But one must focus on all the mentioned measures to reduce the chances of getting an infection. We must join hands with the government in reducing the infection chances from our surroundings so that everyone can live a happy life.

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