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How to Write a Personal Essay?

Is it your first day in your English class and you are assigned a task to write a personal essay but you are confused, what is a personal essay, how to write it and why you’re assigning this task?

This blog is written to help you with your personal essay.

So let’s start with the definition of the personal essay.

Personal Essay Writing Tips for Ireland Students

What personal essay is?

A personal essay is the freest form of literature, which is really hard to define, but still, we can say that a personal essay is your thoughts on a subject or a way to describe your personal experience.

A personal essay is written by using a variety of writing styles where the writer writes about another person, an event or a time period in his life. The goal of writing a personal essay is to provide a full experience of an event or situation to the reader so they can understand everything well.

Such kind of essay generally incorporates both descriptive and narrative writing style.

What is the importance of writing a personal essay in college?

In many school and colleges including IMI Irish Management Institute and Dublin Institute of Technology, personal essays are given to the students in their day-1 class. The motive of assigning personal essay is, teachers, want to analyse their writing skills, composition, creativity and language skills.

This assignment is considered as an easy assignment as you get a chance to write about your own life.

In many colleges and universities, the personal essay is paramount to get entry into the graduation course or professional course, also known as “personal statement”.

Writing personal statement could be a challenging task for the students because a good personal essay provides opportunities to the students, meanwhile, a bad personal essay can permanently ruin their chance to get admission in their desired college.

Hence, it is important to write a quality personal essay, you can create a draft of your writing and ask help from your faculty, friends or essay tutors or you can simply avail online personal essay help. Experts at Online Essay Writing Services can assist to write a quality-oriented personal essay paper which will maintain the balance of academic and personal characteristics.

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Experts tips to craft a good personal essay:

Writing a personal essay is seems easy for everyone as it follows a basic 3 step of essay writing steps including an introduction, the body part and the conclusion.

Here you need to describe about yourself or some experience of life throughout the essay but it becomes critical to prove your skills and creativity that makes you the most appropriate candidate out of the pool.

Therefore, professional essay writers at have provided a guideline to follow to write a perfect personal essay.

  • Show diversity: It is quite important to write it in such a way that will differentiate you from rest of the applicants as you are not the one who will be submitting a personal essay paper.
    You can write about the things which helped you to grow as a person.
  • Brainstorm a list of topics: Selecting a topic the hardest part of writing a personal essay but once you will select the one, then half of your work will be done. To select a topic, you have to do self-analysis regarding yourself, what is the most interesting thing in you, what has motivated you throughout your life, what is the key feature of your personality. You should do research; you can even browse the internet or there are many places to find a topic.
    Create a list of topics and then finalise one topic, which you are passionate to write. But remember, you should select a meaningful topic that can impress the reader.
    Personal essays are personal and full of feeling so if you will write about something you are passionate about then you will evoke emotions in your reader.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: A good personal essay requires writing and re-writing again and again. You need to start your personal essay paper as soon as you get it because there will be many drafts that you have to create before you write a final design that you will submit in your college. There is no such term called procrastination in the education field. Your confidence always reaches to the sky if you will start your personal essay paper much before the date of submission.
  • Use your own voice and vocabulary: Language is the most important thing to consider when writing a personal essay because your professor wants to check; how well you use the language in your paper, how creative you are and how well you can manipulate the situations. Try to use a proper active voice that tells the reader who is exactly doing what.
    If you write in the way that will present exactly how you felt and your readers can relate to your situation then you have successfully created an impactful essay paper that will definitely impress your readers.
    Write in your own original language that comes naturally from you. Use your own vocabulary. When you owe your language then you will successfully write an authentic personal essay paper.

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  • Be specific: The personal essay is all about your own personal experience or your viewpoint on a specific topic. So try to be specific with your writing and make your reader experience what you have experienced, smelled, heard and sensed.
    Be consistent with the tense. When you are writing for the first person then make sure you are writing about yourself. Though most of the personal essays are written in past tense, you can also write in the present tense. The main point is being consistent with the tense, use a specific tense throughout essay paper, don’t move around between two.
  • Start with hook sentence: Like all kind of essay paper, you need to start a personal essay paper with a hook sentence that can arrest your reader’s interest in the opening paragraph or even in the first line.
    The opening paragraph should provide a proper idea of your topic, a thesis statement and set the tone of your essay.
  • Create an outline: Before you start writing your paper, map out all events and main points of the essay that support the topic. It will help you to organize your thoughts in a sequential manner.
  • Tell a story: The personal essay is all about your personal life so describe it as a story. Just like every story, your essay must have rising action, villain and a role model and finally, summarise with a climax.
    Make your paper memorable by presenting a story in a creative way and get the reader’s attention. Don’t write on a general topic, if your topic is too broad then try to narrow it down.
  • Craft a thought-provoking conclusion: Finally, you should end your essay with your own reflections and analysis. How did you felt, how that specific event changed your life, what you have learned in that specific phrase of time?
    The conclusion part is the end part of your essay paper so take proper time writing this part. Create the conclusion part in such a way that will impress your reader and get impressed with your creativity and skills.
  • Edit and proofread: Once you complete the writing part, next, you need to proofread your paper. Editing and proofreading is a process to remove errors and mistakes from your paper.

If you are proofreading your paper on your own then leave your paper for 1-2 days as it is, if you don’t have that much time then leave your paper for 1-2 hours, the idea behind leaving paper is to forget everything whatever you have written in your paper.

Read your paper carefully; check every step of your paper for any kind of error including grammatical, spelling error, wrong usage of words, wrong usage of tone etc.

It is always a great idea to get your paper to proofread with someone else it could be anyone including your friends, professor and editing and proofreading services.

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Checklist of a personal essay writing paper:

Once you have completed your personal essay paper, there are some questions that you need to ask to evaluate it such as

  • Is the opening paragraph is enriched with the quality to grab the reader’s attention?
  • Are the statements provided in the body part is enough interesting or is it is boring?
  • Have you thoroughly answered all the questions?
  • Re-check your paper, if all instruction has followed or not?
  • Have you created a paper with no-errors or it still has some errors.

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