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List of Various Types of Schools in Ireland

Looking into school options in Ireland has become a skyrocket job. A parent has to do a tangent search just to find out a proper type of the school for their child. To sort out such a problem we compiled some research.

In Ireland, the education level is divided into primary, secondary and higher level education. Education is compulsory for all children in Ireland.

Types of Schools in Ireland

1. Primary education:

The Primary education system is consisting of 8 years of education and divided in the junior and senior level of education where a student studies 1st to 6th class.

In Ireland primary education can be provided by different type of schools such as:

  • a) National Schools: the national school system is established in 1831. When national schools formed there was no government rule for how these schools were to be run. Lately in 1998, the “national schools” become “Primary schools”.
  • b) Gaelscoileanna: these schools were started in the 20 century. Some school use the Irish form in their name but it doesn’t mean that they teach their student in the Irish language. There are almost 183 Gaelscoils all around Ireland.
  • c) Multidenominational Schools: These types of schools also use “Educate Together” title as these kinds of schools comes under a non-profit limited company without share capital. All the regions and background of students are welcome in these schools. There are almost 81 educate together schools all around the Ireland and half of them are in Dublin.
  • d) Preparatory Schools: these are free paying primary schools and don’t rely on any government funds. These are the school which runs to prepare students, to get an entry in free-paying secondary or voluntary secondary schools.
  • e) Special Schools: these are residential care units and schools serve their education to the student with a specific learning disability and emotionally disturbed and, young of offenders.
  • f) Private Primary Schools: these schools have no state control and support in the relation of curriculum, school days and school years etc. A very limited control of state government on these schools is that they assure that children should receive a certain minimum education. There are 45 private primary schools in Ireland.

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2. Secondary schools:

There are lots of choices available for secondary schools in the Irish education system. Generally, a student enters in secondary school at the age of 12-13. A student can complete their secondary education in one of the available secondary schools:

  • a) Voluntary School: these schools are privately owned schools. These schools runs under the trusteeship of religious communities, the board of government and educate together or individuals. In 1998 as per education act every secondary school is required to have a management board that include parent teacher representative.These schools can be free-paying or non free-paying. Free-paying schools don’t get any fund from the government to run their schools; where else those non fee-paying schools which provide free education scheme to the students can get subsidies from the government.
  • b) Vocational school and community college: these schools are owned by the local education and training board. These schools provide the technical education and help to develop manual skills in the student and generally funded by the Department of Education and Skills. A student can study a wide range of practical and academic subjects in such schools.
  • c) Community and Comprehensive School: these schools were established in 1960 to provide a wide range of curriculum to the young students. Many of such kind of schools were established due to the amalgamation of voluntary and vocational schools and offer a huge range of practical and academic subjects to the young students. These schools are funded by the Department of Education and Skills.

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Choose a school for your child:

Parents have a constitutional right to choose a school for their child or they can educate them at home at primary level. While in secondary level a student can take admission in their age of 12-13 years but at the age of 15 years a student is compulsory to attend the school.

A parent can choose a school on their own. So many factors are involved in the selection of a good school, if you are also confused then see how to choose a school for your child.

The majority of secondary schools don’t charge any fees for studies in Ireland but a student has to pay for the books, examination fees, school uniform and stationeries.

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