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What Is a Learner Record  in QQI Courses

In this article, we will be discussing all learner records that are a crucial part of the QQI course assessment part. QQI stands for Quality and Qualifications Ireland. It is the ultimate awarding body currently active in Ireland. QQI provides a large number of online, part-time, distance-learning academic and vocational courses. At the end of the course, a learner undergoes an assessment.

What Is Learner Record Assignment Task

Thus, the Learner record is a crucial part of the assessment process.

Definition of learner record

A Learner Record is defined as a self-written record submitted by the learner, in which the learning experience, major activities, response, and key skills are explained. For this, Candidates combine a personal logbook/journal/diary/sketchbook. The details must include the specific learning experience.

An assessment technique consists of 3 important parts namely:

  • Project
  • Learner Record
  • Skill Demonstration.

What do you mean by Learner Record?

Before talking about the module, let us analyze the assessment process that involves the learner recording writing as a part of the principal result.

Firstly, the NFQ levels 5-6 involve module learning as an objective of vocational training. Now, at the end of each module, the assessment of the student is done.

The assessment contains the learning outcomes of the learner. It includes the practical knowledge imparted and understandable to the learner. Also, it comprises the aims and the purpose of the learning of the module.

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The learning results are divided into:

  1. Principles of assessment
  2. Inclusion of Diversity
  3. Assessment Methods
  4. Arranging the test Assessment
  5. Preparing to monitor the visit


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Weightage of Learner record in the assessment:

The weightage of the project, learner record, and skill demonstration in Module assessment is as follows:

Project —–40%

Learner Record——30%

Skill Demonstration——-30%

Template of Learner Record

Since, Different institutions have different templates of learner records for varied QQI courses such as nursing, administration, SNA, health care, and other skills. Though, we cannot share the specific templates but will give an example which is as follows:

                                               Module Name

                                               Level of NFQ

Name:                               Teacher’s Name:                                               Date:

LearningsPhases of learningComments
Social Understanding

Knowledge of rights.


positive attitude

Personal identification development.

Increase in responsibility

Make a healthy choice

How children build good health



How children build their personality using motor skills.


Therefore, in the learner’s record the details of the student’s learning and, analysis and comments must be included.

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Role of Learner Record in QQI courses

Learner Record plays an important role in assessment techniques in various QQI courses. Also, In various courses like Nursing, SNA, Child care, and community care skills each of the modules has an assessment at the end.

Thus, it becomes very important to analyze the learning outcomes of the child. The child needs to prepare a journal/diary comprising of all the details and findings of the entire module.

Components of the Learner Record

A personal journal will be created by candidates. Moreover, It should include a record of how the assessor takes the assessment with a group of students.

The journal should contain a record of the following:

  • Planning test assessment
  • Tools that are used
  • Issues faced
  • Techniques used include diversity.
  • Self-learning.

All details in the journal should have a date.

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Learner Record and reflection writing

Self-learning and reflective writing are processes that happen with time and include the entire testing process including preparing and assessing. Also, writing can be a variety of media including any means of multimedia like audio, video, etc. But must be submitted on tape.

Briefly, as the Learner Record incorporates the student’s experiences, it is the same for reflective writing. In fact, In both one ought to draw the similarities between the practical experience and theory. Hence, we can say that both have a lot in common.


Therefore, the learner records hold and play a major role in the student’s entire course of study after enrolment in the QQI courses. Hence, It helps the study to draw a relationship between theoretical and practical learning. To summarize, this part of the assessment technique is highly beneficial for the learners.

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