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“Are you near to completing your dissertation writing and facing problems in the formatting of it?” You must hire a professional thesis dissertation editor for formatting and structure your dissertation with professionalism.

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After the huge effort made up in writing the dissertation if formatting is annoying you or you don’t have a proper idea of how to format your thesis then don’t worry we are here to help you out. Expert Irish Thesis Writers provide -a standardized dissertation formatting service.

Our dissertation formatting experts understand that every dissertation formatting is different and depends on the university that you are attending.

Standard rules for dissertation formatting:

Although the formatting of the dissertation and thesis purely depends on the schools and universities you are studying but still, there is some specific rule that remains the same all across the board.

  • You must use proper citation style in your dissertation including APA, MLA, Chicago style or Turabian style and that mostly depended on the degree school you are in (MLA for literature and APA for science field etc.)
  • The dissertation paper should be written with proper margins. Most schools need a basic margin of one and one-half inches on left and right, one and one-quarter inches on top and bottom but it may vary according to your school.
  • The dissertation paper should be double spaced except in the case of block bock quotations, reference paper, footnotes, appendices, tables and other cases.
  • The dissertation paper must have a title page, a copyright page and a table of content, the way of numbering the pages is depended on the graduate schools you are attending.
  • The dissertation paper must have abstracts with it.

Need dissertation formatting service instantly ? Hire Expert Writers Now

PhD. Writers for Dissertation & Thesis Formatting Services

We have a team of expert PhD holders who have years of experience in writing and formatting a dissertation.

  • All of them are PhD graduates from one of the Prestige University of Ireland.
  • Our writers are writing a dissertation of Irish students for years so they are well aware of the guideline all the Irish universities follow.
  • Our expert PhD writers have full-time working experience in the Prestige University of Ireland so they are well aware of the features that must be present in a dissertation for approval.

How our dissertation writers will format your dissertation:

As our writers know the smallest to smallest features of writing a dissertation, they will combine the general guideline and your university guidelines and choose the proper citation style for your paper.

What is included in thesis formatting Services

  • Layout Formatting of the dissertation:

Our dissertation editors will ensure that your paper is written under the guideline of your respective graduate school. We follow certain points under this service:

  • Preliminary pages (initial pages):

Generally, these pages are overlooked by the students and are becoming a reason for the rejection of your paper so we ensure that your preliminary pages are written in the proper format and guidelines of your respective university.

  • Pagination:

    The paper numbering is depended on the university and this is quite a time consuming and frustrating task so our qualified dissertation experts can help you with that.

  • Heading & Subheading:

The heading and subheading should be written in a proper format as per the university standards as our dissertation writers are very well proficient in writing a dissertation so they can help you in selecting or repairing your dissertation heading and subheadings.

  • Figures & tables:

Presentation of figures & data is a very crucial part of the thesis because sometimes it happened that your faculties find it easy to overlook. Our formatting service can check the presence of the tables and help you to arrange them correctly.

  • Citation Style Formatting:

As our writers are well-aware of the writing techniques they can write proper citations & references for your paper.

Our dedicated dissertation editors can help your paper look more professional research paper by adding missing information or they can write an incomplete paper.

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Process of taking format services for your dissertation:

To get thesis and dissertation structuring services you need to send us some required documents such as:

  • Your written dissertation: You need to send us your written dissertation in an editable format.
  • Guideline for your paper: You need to send us all the guidelines which you must have got from your respective university as this is very essential.
  • Preferences: you need to send us all the required information about what you want in your paper and what you don’t want in your paper such as “keep my appendix as it is” or don’t allow tables split over pages” etc.
  • Figure & Tables: If you require any work related to the tables & figures (restyling of figures or reconstruction of tables) then send them in an editable format.

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We have a team of pride Irish dissertation writers & editors, we use pride word for them just because of the quality work they have provided to the date and makes our students achieve top grades.

As we are the best quality service provider we deliver you our service with some unique features:

  • Approval assurance: We have a team of experienced dissertation writers and none of our student’s dissertations got rejected till the time so we can assure you that a dissertation formatted or edited by our experts will never get rejected.
  • You will get personalized attention: One of our project managers will be in your contact from the date you start our service to the date of your dissertation approval.
  • Economical price: Our service is quality-oriented so we guarantee you that you will not get such quality service at our rates anywhere around the world.
  • On-Time Delivery: We will get your formatted thesis done within the time limit that has been decided while the time of your order.
  • 100% satisfaction: We provide our service to give you 100% satisfaction and do needful changes in formatting if you need it without any extra charges.

So what are you waiting for our service today?

You can even get help in editing and proofreading your paper or you can write a master thesis with the help of our proficient writers.

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