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Special Needs Assistant Training is required for anybody concerned in or working with teaching individuals with special needs. The work of an SNA expert is to lead teachers in schools by offering help to children with mental or physical disabilities. SNA courses provide an aspiring assistant with skills and familiarity which they might face while dealing with kids with learning problems.

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There are many students in Ireland who choose the SNA course as their major. The Special Needs Assistant Level 5 is a distance learning program suited to anybody who is interested in Special Needs Assistance, whether to track it as a career or use the familiarity for personal or family motive.

The field of SNA is one of the huge variety and ever-changing requirements. This will provide you with a profound knowledge of various areas like- care skills, behavior management, care support, care of individuals with mental state, etc. All in all the FETAC courses on SNA provides you with intense work-based learning of various health care support areas.

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Paid Fetac Level 5 SNA assignments examples are available

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Tips for Writing a Good SNA Assignment for Level 5

Special needs Assistant Essay writing is not just an easy task, which could be effortlessly produced but a complex work-based assessment for which you need to be clear regarding concepts and hold an in-depth familiarity as well. A QQI SNA Level 5 assignment must be supported with applicable evidence. But, by remembering several of the basic principles necessary for academic writing, you could create an extremely valuable piece of paper under a time crisis.

  • Try making an outline before starting: This is fundamentally done to recognize what you are writing, as before starting you must be clear about what you are trying to say.
  • Use the right vocabulary: You are required to know what the words you are going to use & what they really mean. Furthermore, you need to ensure that the use of obscure language can further take away the clarity of your row.
  • Get a solid understanding of basic grammar, punctuation, & style: For each assignment, the style of writing and punctuation is very much significant, if you desire your assignment to be read and understood acutely. So, before starting an assignment, you must have a solid understanding of fundamental grammar.
  • Know how to write a good conclusion which further supports your study: As per the different SNA assignment writers in Cork, the conclusion of an educational write-up is always an overlooked area. But, the conclusion is what ties all your studies together. Thus, you need to ensure that it must not be a restatement of your beginning. Our Irish essay makers provide you comprehensive essay writing help for students of SNA level 5 courses.

SNA level 5 assignments Sample

If you are all set to write your SNA level 5 assignment but a little bit confused about what to write, you can refer the following skills demonstration assignment SNA sample written by our expert professional writers. This sample of level 5 SNA assignment can guide you with the essential information which you should include in your skills demonstration assignment like- what you chose for your assignment and placement project, what you learned from it, what have you taught the others, and majorly the outcomes and how you implement the skills demonstration.

You can go through this example and get an idea of how you can complete your FETAC level 5 SNA assignments.

Sample Copy of a Play Activity

Under the FETAC level 5 SNA course, I need to complete my learner record with two skills demonstrations within a pre-school/ special need setting.

Childhood development is majorly based on playtime. Early play activities play a vital role in the rich development of a child. Childs’s healthy growth and development come from his play activities from birth time and so on in school life as well. The children come across various playing activities, games, techniques, and a variety of toys. All activities affect them in a different way and evolve them in several ways for different situations.

Children get to learn a lot from their playing. Playing is just not playing a game for the children but it involves several activities like learning, discovering new things, exploring new places, facing and handling different difficulties, etc. It is essential for the parents to encourage them for diverse activities which will, in turn, help them to flourish in different areas of development i.e. language, physical, intellectual, social, and emotional.

I’m completing this of my SNA assignment in a team of members. My role in the complete placement activity is of Childcare Assistant/ supervisor. I dealt with the children of age group 1 to 3 years at a pre-school.

In the complete process including my personal observation as well as an informal conversation with the staff members, I’ve analyzed various things like the strengths and needs of children.

The strengths of children include: –

  • Enjoy outdoor play
  • Listening skills
  • Relish in participating in circle time

Some needs analysis of children that I realized during the project assessment: –

  • Express feelings
  • Sometimes conflict while sharing toys
  • Holding a pen is troublesome for them

As a part of my level 5 assessment, I chose art activity (skill demonstration) which was focused on developing pre-school’s students’ creativity and fine motor skills.

I’ll now organize a meeting with my supervisor and report him the background of my SNA skills demonstration assignment. I’ll discuss and ask for any suggestions for completing my assignment. No matter how long it will take, I’ll partake in the FETAC Assignments by practicing the art activities and ensure all the essential things available during the play.

Implementing Skills Demonstration

  1. Wash hands.
  2. Assemble all the material required such as- scissor, paint, glue, aprons, glitter, etc.
  3. Organize children in the allotted section and get them ready with an apron.
  4. Demonstrate the children how to make cookies out of craft paper, clay, and colors, etc.
  5. Assign every student to make the same.
  6. Help all students to wind up easily and clear their places.
  7. Get my supervisor to oversee and make their supervisor report.
  8. End of skills demonstration.

Further I’ll include the highlights, recommendations, and personal learning as well as references in the assignment.

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