Personal Essay Sample Leaving Cert in Ireland

Generally, the personal essay is the part of the academic course where the students of Ireland tell about a particular life incident. Even the students can prepare their personal essays on the subject, which has a significant impact on their life. It can be about the lesson learned by the students ever in their entire life, or they can express their point of view on a particular subject.

The personal essay has become an active part of the English, which comes out to be the richest of all other literary forms. The students need to enhance their personal essay writing, plus creativity skills for preparing an outstanding academic essay.

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As the name of the personal essay suggests, these essays are private, which the students can find chatty, friendly, and somewhat reader-oriented. The students of Ireland can discuss their personal experiences while preparing for the personal essay.

It is efficient for the students to relate the subject with their personal experience so that the readers can find something unique in their presentation. At the end of the personal essay, the students need to put a definite statement, which can leave a sufficient impression on the minds of the readers.

Sample Personal Essay for Leaving Cert Structure

The students of Ireland need to choose the appropriate format or structure for preparing an outstanding personal essay.

The simple structure of the personal essay includes three parts:


The article begins with an efficient starting paragraph, which has the highlighting meaning to get presented in front of the readers. The students can start with an incredible or attractive sentence that can grab the attention of the readers.

It can be a personal subject or something creative, but the students to present their ideas innovatively. When the students lack outstanding ideas, then they can go through practical research. It is efficient for the students to write a proficient paragraph in the beginning section of the essay.

Main Body

The main section of the personal essay comprises at least three paragraphs. The students of Ireland need to inform about the reflective topic which they have introduced at the beginning of the article. To ensure that the thoughts of the essay are well-organized, the students need to create a suitable outline.

It is necessary to know that there is a difference between personal statement writing and personal essay. The students can make the use of the subtitles in the main body of the personal essay. It can highlight that the students have excellent knowledge about the subject which they have chosen.


In the ending section of the personal essay, the students need to close their ideas along with a strong statement. The students need to summarize their content by reflecting thoughts by stating expert opinions. The incredible conclusions can leave a good impression on the minds of the readers.

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Writing Tips for Preparing a Perfect Personal Essay 

There are some tips to write a personal essay effectively. The students of Ireland need to focus on the suggestion entirely if they want to represent perfect personal essay in front of their college professors:

  • Show and tell: The students need to show and tell in the personal article. However, in the fictional essay papers, the students need to explain, but there is no necessity to understand. It is efficient to turn the reader’s imagination by giving them valuable information or creative ideas.
  • The hook: It is capable of taking the views from personal life. The students of Ireland can attract the attention of the readers in a short time by presenting creative ideas. Some of the little things can inspire the readers due to which the students can present humor or the quoted statements in their essays. 
  • Use a personal point of view: The students need to write about the particular situation and the characters which are essential to include in the paper. It is the responsibility of the students to prepare the proper subject along with the adapted material, which reflects the personal statement of the students. 
  • Be concise: It is necessary to keep things consistent. The students of Ireland need to make their essay clear and concise in which everything is arranged correctly.

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Sample Personal Essay Writing to Help College Students in Ireland

Title: Which is the proudest moment of your life?

Everyone has some proud moment in their life, which they want to share with others. Once my neighbor asked me to teach him for the competitive exam. Though I was not sure whether I could help him or not, I tried my best. It was the first time when I was losing my confidence but succeeded in enhancing his learning skills. In the world of competition, it has become necessary to improve the confidence level along with learning skills. I was capable of strengthening his knowledge. The proud moment for me was when he had cleared the competitive exam. I was feeling so exhausted that I had helped someone. It was the best experience for me, which I can ever share with others. 

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Personal essays enhance the knowledge skills among the students by improving their confidence level. The students of Ireland must focus on their real-life experiences. 

Disclaimer :The Reference papers provided by the Ireland Assignment Help serve as model and sample papers for students and are not to be submitted as it is. These papers are intended to be used for reference and research purposes only.