Details of Warnborough College, Ireland

Warnborough College is an Oxford college founded in 1973. It was open with an aim to provide Oxford Socratic based learning to the American students which later on expanded for the international students to provide learning for the English and courses related to university entrance exams.

In 1996, the college started the distance learning courses for completion of the dissertation, where a student gets a chance to learn through the internet and now the learning based on internet technology became a backbone of the college and successfully running so many short courses and certified and diploma courses.

Warnborough College Ireland was established in 1997. This college offers a huge range of online and distance learning degree courses at all level of the students.

The study in Warnborough College Ireland is based on customized study courses mean the courses are designed according to the need of the students. The college provides a huge range of Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree in all disciplines, which can be studied through research, publication, projects and instructions.

The college provides courses for those students who have done their degree courses but wants to brush up course related skills in the form of top up courses.

These learning courses are designed to cater to those self-motivated; self-designed and determined students who want to study the further degree courses but do not want to leave their career and family.

Distance learning is quite a different way of studies where you don’t need to learn in a traditional classroom environment. The whole studies are given through the internet and the learning techniques are based on assignments.

Bachelors Courses:

Warnborough College Ireland provides a huge range of undergraduate course that includes the study of English language, management, media, agriculture, environmental science, horticulture, CAM therapy and naturopathy and study of Psychology.

Master’s Degree Courses:

At the Warnborough College Ireland, a student gets a chance to study variety of postgraduate courses such as Business Ethics & Social Responsibility, Creative Writing, Writing Modules, Ancient Philosophy, Cultural Art History, Counselling, Media Study, Humanities, Italian Language, Italian Studies, History of Ideas, Practical Theology & Biblical Studies, Screenwriting, Fine Arts, Business Administration and international Executive MBA.

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Doctoral Degree Courses:

Warnborough College provides a wide range of PhD subjects including research, Publication, Project, Instruction, Business administration, Ancient Philosophy, Concept of Nation, Creative Writing, Cultural Art History, History of Ideas, Italian, Fine Arts, Italian History, Italian Studies, Sociology and Practice Theology.

A student can start his courses on any of the first date of the month after acceptance of application procedure and fees are based on what course you want to study.

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