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What is the Difference Between a Nurse and a Midwife

Midwives and nurses are related to the medical field. Both midwifery and nurse courses are offered at colleges and universities in Ireland. Students in Ireland can do either course and can learn its practices and implications. In this article, we are discussing the difference between the role of nurse and midwife. The difference is cleared and simplified by the experts from Ireland’s assignment help.

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Specializations in these mentioned courses are also available for the students. This is discussed later in this article.

Comparison between the role of Nurse and Midwife

Nurse provides a variety of the medical service to the patientsMidwives do similar work but they are specialized in providing medical help to women with pregnancy.
The nurse can take general care of the patientsMidwife treats women with problems with gestation and delivering the baby.
The nurse assists other medical professionals with the tests.A midwife can order tests for their patients and can also diagnose the condition
They are not included in any special category.Midwives are one of the specialties that are included in the category of advanced practice registered nurses.
They need their degree or the course certificate to practice.They need their degree along with a national certificate to practice.
Their working hours are comparatively more and the work is demanding and challenging.Their working hours depend upon the workplace as they also work for on-call requirements when the women go into labour.
Nurses usually just check on the patients for progress and visible changes.Midwives are required to examine the patients with problem symptoms and progress.
They help to give medications to the patientThey give the info about disease prevention and prenatal diseases.
The nurse prepares the patients to dischargeThe midwife assists the physician during the process of cesarean sections.
Nurses are required to inform and report the concern to the other medical staff.Midwives are required to handle emergencies during the delivery.
No to minimal role after the delivery.Take care and monitor the mother and the baby after the delivery.
Nurses can specialize in child nursing, sexual health nursing, mental health nursing, etc.Midwives can specialize in teenage pregnancy, and careening for abnormalities. High-risk pregnancy, etc.

There are various role and specialization differences between the two. Nurse and Midwives can find themselves working with different staff and departments. While there are many differences between the nursing and midwifery careers there are some similarities too like working at hospitals, emergency wards, etc., and being involved in the medical assistance to the patients.

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