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Health Care Assistant Duties & Responsibilities in Promoting Positive Attributes to Ageing!

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The respective subject doesn’t only mean to understand the concepts and score good grades. But it also about gaining a practical approach to those concepts and implements them on the patients effectively. Taking care of people of different ages involves totally different criteria. For example, infants demand to play with them, and older people may ask you to talk with them on any topic of their interest.

Role of the Health Care Assistant in Providing Care for Older Person

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What are the duties of a healthcare assistant?

A healthcare assistant is one in which someone is going to trust the health and responsibility of the elderly member of their family. As people’s lives are becoming busier in this competitive world, almost everyone is seeking to hire an HCA for their family members. Depending on the work area, the essence of the position can vary. If the healthcare assistant is working in the hospital, then he may assist the nurses alongside. And if someone has hired an assistant for the care of an elderly member of their family, them they may serve them at home and provide them with the services:

  • An HCA (Healthcare assistant) will serve the meals and help the patient to feed it
  • Help the older people in moving around
  • May help them to go for toileting
  • They will make the bed of the patient
  • The older person will never feel alone as the HCA will make them feel comfortable by talking with them on the topic of their interest
  • Monitor the conditions of the patient by continuously checking their temperatures, heart rates, pulses, weight, and respiration

The healthcare assistant has to act like a family member for the patient. They should treat them with love and involve themselves in their interests. The patient should feel like a family in the company of hired HCA. And hence, it should be the responsibility of the assistant to create an environment in which the patient could heal early and enjoy the healing process as well.

Why should anyone consider joining the course of a healthcare assistant?

The healthcare assistant’s job is a rewarding one, so you have to prepare yourself for the field’s ups and downs. As an HCA, you may involve yourself in taking care of mental health-related patients who are terminally ill or suffering from dementia, which totally depends on your function and environment.

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So be ready and stable, as you may be working with patients who make accusations on your time or need care at the end of their lives (better known as palliative care). That type of responsibility includes the HCA giving the role and the patient a lot of compassion, patience, and commitment.

It can be an enriching experience to be a healthcare assistant, as it is a profession facing people. An HCA works very often with the elderly, toddlers and young people for whatever reason they need help.

The career scope of this healthcare assistant in Ireland is increasing day by day. Instead of leaving their parents, infants alone, people prefer to appoint a well educated and experienced healthcare assistant for their family.

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