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Crime Control Models of Criminal Justice in Ireland Essay Example

Ireland is a republic and is also a part of the European Union. The country has a judiciary. The function of the judiciary is to enforce laws that are passed in the Irish legislature. Another important function of the judiciary is to prevent crime from taking place in Ireland.

The criminal justice system in Ireland is a system where trials take place whenever a crime occurs. During the trial process, the prosecution places its arguments and the defense also places their arguments to prove a case.

Crime Control Models of Criminal Justice in Ireland Essay Sample

All criminal cases in Ireland are prosecuted by DPP or Directors of Public Prosecution representing the state.

This essay discusses the various models of criminal justice in Ireland. It also helps the readers and the audience to understand the crime control model and the due process model.

The essay further elaborates on the crime control model examples. The learner can also know about the advantages and disadvantages of the two models of criminal justice systems in Ireland.

Models of criminal justices in Ireland

This section of the essay allows the readers to know about the various models of criminal justice systems in Ireland. The process of criminal justice within Ireland is analyzed utilizing 6 models. Each of these models has a separate justification for punishments as also criminal justice.

The due process models

If the parties are equal (defense and the prosecution) then as part of this model justice is exacted between the parties. As part of the due process model priority is attached to safeguarding the interests of the individual who is suspected of committing a crime as that person is faced with the state.

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The crime control models

This model runs to punish the criminals for wrongdoings and thereby prevent the occurrences of further crimes. As part of this model, stresses are laid upon trial and then convict and then punish offenders in large numbers. In this model controlling crime becomes important when compared to individual freedoms and rights.

The bureaucratic models

This model has the objective to control crime as also criminals.

The medical models

This model aims to rehabilitate the offenders so that they shun criminal activity and lead a normal life within Irish society.

The status passages model

The status passages model denounces crime as also the criminals publicly.

The power models

The power model of the criminal justice system focuses on strengthening the class values within a society. In this model, domination is maintained by the ruling class.

Examples of crime control models and due process models

This section of the essay furnishes examples of crime control models as well as due process models.

Examples of crime control models

In Ireland, law enforcement officers are sometimes given the right to utilize aggressive crime control measures and strategies that incorporate wiretapping, profiling, carrying out sting operations, and targeting locations that carry out criminal activities in Ireland.

Examples of due process models

If a person has been charged with an act of crime then that person requires to be notified of the proceeding and charges that are against that person. This is by the due process rights of that person. The criminal justice system in Ireland also must make sure that the charged individual gets access to prompt trial, opportunities to be heard as well as represented by professionally qualified attorneys at proceedings by the courts.

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Due process model versus crime control model

This section of the essay highlights a comparative analysis of the due process model and crime control model in tabular formatting:-

Sonos Due Process Model Crime Control Model
1 The due process model in Ireland runs on the principle that an individual who is charged with committing a crime cannot be deprived of liberty, life, and property without proper legal safeguards and procedures. On the contrary, the crime control models in Ireland make sure that the police as also the law enforcement agencies in Ireland are pure and non-corrupt so that the prosecution can rely on their fact findings and thereby treat arrests as if the arrestees are already guilty.
2 The due process model treats arrested people as innocent unless proven guilty in a court of Irish law. On the contrary, the crime control model treats arrested people as guilty as such model believes that the law enforcement agencies and also the police in Ireland are pure, very much non-corrupt. Thus the crime control model makes sure that those arrested on criminal charges in Ireland are worthy of receiving harsh punishments by the Irish government.


3 Another important thing as far as the due process model is concerned is that such models believe that policing is a part of the Irish criminal justice system and such things are done with the intent of maintaining justice within the Irish society. On the contrary, the crime control models in Ireland think that arresting as part of the Irish criminal justice system has an adverse effect and slows the delivery of justice within the Irish criminal justice system.
4 Due process attaches importance to the rights and freedoms of the defendants. It believes that proving guilt is important to keep the governing entity in control. On the contrary, crime control models think that defendants’ rights are costly and the Irish criminal justice systems require spending money on building infrastructures for the Irish judiciary.

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