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EU Legislations in Ireland Essay Sample 

This sample will highlight the impact of the EU laws, regulations, and policies in the different areas of Ireland.

EU is a new field of law that is important to ensure equality of people in the EU member states. It promotes equality and a wide range of subjects from agriculture to competition law.

EU legislation or laws are superior to the National laws of member states. It means that Ireland cannot pass any such national law which is in contradiction with the EU laws. EU can overrule any such Irish law and cease its existence.

EU Legislations in Ireland Essay Sample 

Primary laws are part of the treaty agreements between the member states of EU. Treaties show the structural governance, powers, and functions of EU institutions and can change the secondary laws.

EU has three categories of legislative institutions and they are:-

  • European Commission, which proposes new laws to be passed by the Parliament.
  • EU Parliament and Council of EU if consents to the proposal of law without any objection and passes them.
  • The International Court of Justice of the EU, works on the legal interpretation of the passed laws and determines its legal validity.

Role of EU laws in Ireland 

Ireland got its European Union membership in the year 1973. It was initially dependent upon the UK for its economy before 1973 but with time it has become an independent nation. Now it has become the king of import and export in the global market.

EU legislation or laws have played a major role in the enhancement of the economy, life, work, and opportunity in Ireland. It has many positive impacts in the different sectors of the economy in Ireland.

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The areas in which EU laws have played a positive role and created an impact are :-

  • Education and Training Development
  • Agriculture Department
  • Environment
  • Travel
  • Jobs and Employment
  • Consumers
  • Research and Innovation
  • Other benefits.

We will further discuss any five of the areas and the role of EU laws in them from the above list.

Role of EU laws in the Agriculture Department of Ireland 

  • EU laws and Commission, helped the farmers in Ireland to increase their standard of living and development. It has made investments in various farming projects which improved the farmers living conditions, competitiveness in the market, and promotion of rural business.
  • EU guarantees to have provided organic farming products and conversion of opportunities and incentives to improve the quality of living of farmers.
  • CAP under EU laws targets small and medium-sized farms and businesses for their promotion. It also encourages young farmers to join in and contribute to rural development.
  • It balances the food supply chain and provides quality products with a good marketing strategy.
  • EU rules ensure consumers get safe and secure food according to food safety standards.

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EU legislation role in the Education and Training Development in Ireland 

  • EU laws ensure quality education standards for Irish students. It provides a wide range of opportunities to study abroad and explore knowledge.
  • EU provides an Erasmus Programme which helps the Irish students to benefit from it studying in the various universities in Europe.
  • For people of Irish origin who want to go abroad for work or studies, their Irish qualifications are recognized by the EU under the European Qualifications Framework.
  • EU laws have changed the lives of around 2 million Irish students and staff. They can get higher education and staff can undertake learning and training programs with the Erasmus program.
  • It helps in the improvement of the employment skills which helps in finding jobs in Ireland.
  • Due to EU legislation, the number of Irish students enrolled in higher education has risen from 1973 at an exorbitant rate.

Role of EU laws for Irish Travellers

  • Travelers from Ireland can freely travel to any member state country of the EU. They can stay there as long as they want to without any visa.
  • There is also no requirement to exchange money or rates when an Irish citizen is visiting a country that uses Euro as its currency.
  • Travelling has become cheaper as a result of the deregulation of the airline industry across the EU member states.
  • It strengthens the rights of Irish passengers traveling by plane, train, coach, ship, or bus.
  • EU Pet Passport is meant for pets. Irish citizens can freely take their pets along to international destinations by carrying their pet’s passports.
  • European Aviation Safety Agency was established by the EU that ensures safe flying, and cooperation among member states to manage the air traffic.

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Impact of EU laws on Irish Consumers

  • EU laws provide its member states with safe goods and services to the customers according to the safety rules and standards.
  • EU regulations regulate the food safety laws and provide vital information about the traders of goods and services while an online purchase by the consumer.
  • Cosmetic products must be in accordance and compliance with the EU scientific safety standards. Products must be scientifically assessed before selling in the market. There is a ban on animal testing and the usage of animal parts for making products.
  • Misleading, aggressive sales, and harmful commercial products are completely banned. No scope of false claims, false information, and tricks to allure the customers.
  • Online Disputes Resolution provides a resolution of disputes of Irish customers on online purchases.

EU law’s role in the Environment 

  • EU laws help its member state to tackle climatic issues and change. Irish policies are for the safe disposal of waste and maintaining clean water and air quality. EU helps in the implementation of the Irish legislation on environmental laws.
  • EU rules help Ireland to act on pollution of water and air quality and preservation of resources.
  • It bans the dumping of raw waste on the Irish coasts and prevents any marine life pollution. It keeps the beaches and seawater clean.
  •  EU’s Bathing Water Directive ensures the safety and health of the Irish people by ensuring safe bathing water.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced under the agreements signed by EU member states.
  • It also ensures cross-border cooperation with other EU member states to work on global warming and climatic change of the environment.

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The sample written above mentions the EU laws, their role, and implications in the various areas of the Irish economy.

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