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The British Empire was one of the largest empires in world history. It reached its peak size in 1921 when it controlled about a quarter of the world’s land area and a fifth of its population. The British Empire declined after World War II and was formally dissolved on 31 December 1991.

The British Empire’s origins can be traced back to the Age of Discovery when European explorers began making voyages to new lands across the globe. In 1495, King Henry VII of England sent an exploratory expedition to what is now Brazil, and in 1516, King Francis I of France commissioned Giovanni da Verrazzano to explore the eastern coast of North America. These early expeditions laid the foundation for subsequent English and French claims in North America.

Under the rule of Queen Elizabeth I, England began to establish permanent colonies in North America, the Caribbean, and later India. Empire became a central theme for political and social elites; see for example William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” of about 1611.

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the British empire and empires in general.

The British empire was a global empire that was ruled by the United Kingdom. It was one of the largest empires in world history and at its peak, it controlled about a quarter of the world’s land area and population. The British Empire started to form in the late 18th century and grew steadily over the following century.

The British Empire reached its peak in size after World War I, when it controlled about a quarter of the world’s land area and population. However, with the rise of independence movements throughout the 20th century, the British Empire began to decline in size. By 1948, it had lost almost all of its colonies and protectorates. The last major addition to the British empire was Hong Kong, which was ceded to the United Kingdom in 1842. 

It ceded Hong Kong on July 1, 1997, after 156 years of British rule. On June 28, 1984, the British parliament passed a resolution that formally noted “the handover of Hong Kong to China on 1 July 1997.” The nation-state thinks it will not control any colony but the National Institute which purports and develops itself to place all the property of the colony. On 30 Nov 2011 Bali is the only colony of the British empire in Indonesia.

The British Empire extended between oceans and stretched across the world from Canada in North America to the Falklands in South America, and from Papua New Guinea to Australia, Malta, and beyond. Its reach was so vast that it even established colonies on Mars. At its peak, about one-quarter of all the land area of what is today mainly referred to as ‘the former British Empire’ constituted some form of British territory.

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Assignment Task 2: Assess the historiography of the British empire and those primary sources relevant to the module.

The historiography of the British Empire is vast and complex, and several highly respected scholars have written extensively on the topic. As for primary sources, several collections have been digitized and are available online.

One good example is the British Empire Collection at the University of Leicester. This collection contains over one million items, including manuscripts, rare books, maps, prints, photographs, and objects. It covers all aspects of British imperial history from the early medieval period to the present day. A sub-collection of five million colonial service records can be accessed on FamilySearch, and free access is also available through the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website.

This choice of expedition suggests a great deal. The choice to undertake the Scramble for Africa may have impacted the way major powers further came to order in an Imperialistic century, socially, economically, and politically. What followed was key in African history since this involved many aspects of their history. It was hard for society because old social institutions at a time before colonization fell as it was repla by mission work as represented in Britain through Livingstone’s writings concerning adventures with travel.

The political backlash within remained as colonization furthered European political power, especially against surrounding populations such as with revolts like the Kenya Mau Mau Uprisings or with even just basic rebellions such as during World War I over discontent within a people considered by British soldiers ungrateful for the mere fact that they were aided by Great Britain instead of Germany situated alongside health issues with many European soldiers coming down with a deadly disease such it is known today as SMEX of the sorts.

Ultimately, this expedition’s impact was not easy to cope with since at first, it brought many nations together within Great Power in which mission work involving Christianity and/or missionary events over-produced new branches of thought that changed many societies as well as being vastly exploitive of the land itself once colonizing days were over, society had changed for negative due to this.

Assignment Task 3: Present aspects of the historical debate about the British empire and its impact orally and engage in discussion.

The British empire has been the source of much debate throughout history. On one hand, detractors argue that the British empire was nothing more than a system of exploitation and oppression, while supporters claim that it brought much-needed stability and development to areas around the world.

Here are some of the key aspects of the historical debate about the British empire:

1) The economic benefits of empire – Critics argue that the economic benefits of the empire were overstated and that most of the wealth generated by colonies was taken from them by imperial powers. Supporters claim that empires brought stability and prosperity to many parts of the world and that colonialism was an important catalyst for development in many regions.

2) The impact on indigenous populations – One of the major arguments against empire is that it denied autonomy and self-determination to indigenous peoples, who were forced to yield to the whims of European imperialists. Supporters argue that colonizers were often motivated by idealism, and brought much-needed stability and administration to countries with abject poverty.

3) The nature of imperialism – Proponents claim that empires needed a firm hand for the order to be maintained, while detractors argue that empires thrived on the repression of others.

4) Cultural legacy – Just as wars leave physical scars, empires affect local communities in many ways – languages disappear through cultural genocide, traditions are sanitized through organizations like the British Council make students think about why historical figures took action., Several monuments have been built around the world commemorating European colonialism.

Since its collapse after World War II, supporters claim that the British Empire has had a positive influence on many parts of its former empire. Critics counter that this is mere “Empire Lites,” in which the economic benefits of an empire outweigh the disadvantages, particularly if you strip away embarrassing imperial institutions like slavery and colonialism.

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Assignment Task 4: Present aspects of the historical debate about the British empire in written form.

There has been a great deal of debate in recent years over the legacy of the British empire. Some argue that it was a force for good in the world, while others claim that it was nothing more than a system of exploitation and oppression. In this answer, I will present some of the key arguments made by both sides of the debate.

Those who defend the British empire typically point to its many achievements. They argue that it was responsible for introducing democracy, liberalism, and parliamentary government to many parts of the world. They also claim that under British rule, many people in colonial countries enjoyed unprecedented levels of prosperity and social progress.

Critics of the British empire respond by pointing out that many of these supposed achievements were implemented not just by the British, but through missionary activity. Major agricultural advances in the 19th and early 20th centuries were achieved primarily through the efforts of American and European missionaries. Edward Landsborough Brokensha, a US Ambassador stationed in India, claimed that “with each passing day, the English language gains a little more territory on which it fashions the blessings of education, enterprise, and culture.”

Another contemporary critic of the British empire was visiting student from Britain who criticized India for lack of industrial development: “There is to be noted as a depressing feature … Of this mighty material mass, almost everything seems to have lost its human facial expression. There are no papers or magazines.

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