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Representations of Slavery Essay Sample Ireland

In the following essay sample, we shall discuss the concept of slavery and its representation in the different forms of visual arts like television, films, paintings, etc.

Since the mid-1990s the slavery trend issues and their abolition has been represented in many museums and monuments and has also been represented on various websites, films, television, and radio. There has been sudden drastic development in human rights since the 1990s which has given birth to the truth, restorative justice, reparative debates, justice against inequality, and the concept of reconciliation.

Representations of Slavery Essay Sample

“Breaking the silence” came up as the global phenomenon displaying the memorials in western and southern Africa, Europe, Brazil, and North America.

The representations of slavery have been motivated across all the groups globally with different intentions for not just representing the abolition of slavery in the society but also about the importance of slavery in general. The intention is to represent the brutal treatment, and injustice that was done and attempts to eradicate the practice of slavery.

Meaning of the Slavery

Slavery has existed in Ireland for the last few centuries since the Vikings began to establish their coastal settlements and this slave practice reached its peak in the 11th century.

Slavery is a condition where the person or the human being was owned by another individual and was considered property according to the law. Such a person who was enslaved was deprived of all his rights and was considered either movable or immovable property.

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Most of the slaves were captured in the war as war prisoners and were given in form of incentives to the warriors and were sometimes enslaved for the crime or debt or punishment. These slaves were sold by their parents, relatives, and spouse to satisfy their debts.

Representations of the Slavery: Race and Ideology in the Southern Plantation Museums

The representations of slavery is a comprehensive assessment of the plantation museums in the Southern United States. The students and the authors of the book visited around 122 plantation museums in Virginia, Georgia, and Louisiana.

The research was conducted at the five important and different sites of Alabama, Mississippi, Florida  South Carolina, and Tennessee. All these museums were established to study the plantation during the period of slavery.

The study conducted suggested that 83 percent of plantation museums are historic sites that avoid the issues of oppression, racism, and slavery. Authors stated in their book that most of the site explored talks about the American history that revolves only around the whites and high-class elites and erases the history of the bonded labor, slavery or enslaved Africans, and enslaved Americans Africans.

The museums studied the system of slavery and the presence of those who are enslaved. A racialization process that works in different locations overlaps the ideologies and representations to produce and further reproduce race-based discrimination and oppression.

According to the authors, the slave masters are the master enslavers and slaves are the enslaved native Africans. The museums support the glory of the United States which signifies the very importance of democracy, civility, gentility, and hospitality.

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Representations of the Slavery in the European Art

The representations of slavery in European Art date back to the ancient period. It showed or represented the slaves to be both black and white belonging to the varied ethnicity but from the 17th century onwards blacks were represented to be slaves and before this century whites were the ones predominantly as slaves.

These slaves were represented in European Art as figures who are often naked and crouching as enslavement. The galley slaves were used by the artists for the muscular nude bodies. Frans Post (1612-1680) and Albert Eckhous (1610-1665) were. Known as the early Dutch painters who depicted the harsh reality of the lives of the slaves.

Another artist called Alexandre Dumas was the son of a slave who portrays his early life as a slave and wrote his famous work “The Three Musketeers.” An artist called Juan Pareja was also a painter who got liberated and freedom from enslavement and with the help of the proper training from his master he became a successful artist.

The high-class Europeans portrayed the black figures most often the children wearing a slave collar and such slave collar was made up of silver to show off their wealth and even expensive embroidered clothes were also portrayed. Such silver collars were worn by the slaves of the 17th and 18th centuries which was a portrait in contemporary paintings.

Chains, manacles, and collars were all used for marking the slaves along with the names of their owners, and sometimes even ponytails or top knots were done to mark the Turk slaves.

A broken chain was also portrayed in the paintings as a sign of the de enslavement. The slave trade and its abolition has been portrayed in the visual representation in painting, print culture, photography, and sculpture.

The abolition of the slave trade was depicted in “Description of Slave Ship” (1789) and the medical photograph of ex-slave Gordon, “Scarred Back’ (1863). A wide range of African people has been represented in the art of ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

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The above-written essay sample is based on the Representations of Slavery.

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