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Colleges Provide Social Care Courses in Ireland

The social care course has become one of the demanding subjects among the Irish students as it has a great future prospective which offers a huge number of career options along with job security.

Colleges Provide Social Care Courses in Ireland

There is a huge number of college which offers a social care course but selecting one college is the biggest concern for Irish students so here in this blog, you will get to know a list of colleges which offers social care course as well as you will get an essence on what is social care course and why this subject has become a demanding subject to study?

What is Social Care Course?

The social care is a course which provides a deep understanding of the people caring at home setting as well as a professional care setting. This course is the best option for those who are interested in a career in social care and those who are working in a care setting of mental and physical disability, a homeless person and for those who are dealing with the challenge of addictions.

The social care courses provide an understanding of the concepts applied to social care practice as well as skills (including first aid, manual handling, hygiene control, therapeutic crisis intervention and child protection training) required to work in the care settings along with a practical training given by experienced professionals.

You must have understood what social care course is all about? Now, let’s move on, why this subject is becoming a demanding subject.

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Benefits of studying social care course in Ireland:

The social care is a programme which is designed to give extra care to the adults and children who is in need of an additional support in regard to the current circumstances.

A number of institutes in Ireland provide the social care course and this course is one of the social institutional activities which is supported and encouraged by the Government.

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The social care is a course provides a large number of opportunities to the individual seeking an occupation in this sector. This course provides a large number of benefits such as:

  • Multiple employment opportunities: Social care course boasts a large number of categorized options that one can choose as their profession. Such categories are divided according to the age of the individuals, one wants to cater for, that is adult, children or elders. The social care service is provided according to the need of the patient and the area of involvement in relation to the bureaucratic hierarchy.
    This means a student who will join this course will get a number of opportunities to select one, depending on his own career objectives and the area of their interest.
  • Acquire a large number of skills: The social care course will equip the learner with many skills that can be used in day to day life in the case of unexpected emergencies. One will get the knowledge on first aid practices, develop critical thinking. These skills can save one’s life where immediate action is required such as a heart attack, seizures and any other complications.
  • Provide service to the needed community: This course provides many skills and knowledge which can be used to get many career opportunity as well as gives a chance to help and benefit the community in need.
  • Job security: The social care is among that sector which will remain in the demand forever and will never dissolve into oblivion with some tech advancement. So the professionals in this career will never have to worry about the lacking in career opportunities. The only thing which can change is, the way you deliver your service. As like other sectors, the social care sector will also get advanced with the developments made in the related field such as psychology, medicine and related equipments.
    As well as, the social care is provided by the Government and the private sectors so the learner who successfully completes this course, will have many opportunities.
    So the social care presents a stable and growing career opportunity so many students have a route towards this sector.
    Now, if you have decided to study social care course, the first and the most important challenge that comes in your way is to where to study social study course.
    Here we have created a list of some of the top colleges and universities which offers social care courses in Ireland. Go through the list and make a smart decision.
  1. Dublin Business school: DBS offers Full-time/certified Bachelors of Arts in Applied Social Science course. Where a student gets academic depth with rigor skills training in the social care management and facilitates professional knowledge in the relevant field.
    This a full-time 3-year course where the assessment is depends on the assignments, presentations, projects works, research task, practical work, class test, MCQs, poster presentation and analysis of case study.
    Students who successfully complete the 3-year BA of Arts in Applied Social Science will get a chance to progress in the year- 4 of the BA (Hons) in Applied Social Care.
  1. Cork Institute of Technology: Cork Institute of Technology offers 3 years full-time Ordinary Bachelors (Level 7 NFQ) in Social Science Course. In this course, the students will get all the required knowledge and skills of the field.
    A student who successfully completes this course will give huge career opportunities in the social care field such as community projects, adoption agencies, residential care centre, hostels of adolescents, special school etc.
  1. Liberties College: Liberties College offers a level 6 social care course. This is a one-year course for those who want to pursue a career in the caring services. This course is provided through a comprehensive programme of tuitions and work-based education.
  1. University College Dublin: UCD offers 2 social science courses such as

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  • Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in Social Policy and Sociology: This is a 3-year premium honours degree course which is a standard qualification for those working in social services.
  • BSc (Hons) in Nursing (Mental Health) : This is a 4-year course which prepares a student to meet the mental health of adults and their families.
  1. Trinity College: Trinity College offers 3 undergraduate social work courses:
  • BA in Sociology and Social Policy: This is a 4-year course which is a combined study of social policy, social theory and social research and provides through training in the systematic study of society and the economic and social policy utilized in different countries.
  • BCs in Nursing- Mental Health Nursing: This is a 4-year course mental health nursing programme which is run in a partnership with many hospitals. The students will get the opportunity to work with experienced nurses is an area of acute psychiatric, illness, eating disorder, long term mental health nursing care and addiction counselors.
  • BSS (Hons) in Social Studies (Social Work): This is a 4-year course which is the best suited for who wish to become a social worker. This course is concerned with supporting and helping people in a variety of situation and settings.
  1. College of Management and IT: CMIT offers a 6-months, e-learning social science course which is studied with the help of tutors. This course is designed to the understanding of the role of social care workers.
  1. National University of Ireland, Galway: NUI, Galway offers 2 social science courses such as:
  • Bachelors of Arts (Child, family and youth) : This is a 4-year, full-time course which gives in-depth knowledge of recent trends and changes in family life and youth development in the Irish society.
  • Bachelors of Arts (Public and Social Policy): This is a 3-year, full-time course which provides a deep understanding of how social policy can be used in the welfare of its citizen.
  1. Dublin City University: DCU offers 4-year, full-time Bachelors of Science (Hons) in nursing (mental health) where a student understands the critical role of nurses in society. This course is a combination of academic and practical learning.
  1. University College Cork: UCC offers 5 social care courses such as:
  • BSc (Hons) in Government: This is a 4-year, full-time course which is combined with political science and another subject such as law, business, social science and political science.
  • Bsc (Hons) in Mental Health Nursing: This is a 4-year, full-time course which provides excellent opportunities to develop skills and knowledge related to psychiatric nursing practice.
  • BSW (Hons) in Social Work: This is a 4-year, full-time course which will elect you to register as a social worker with the regulatory bodies in Ireland.
  • BSocSc (Hons) in Youth and Community Work: This is a full-time, 3-year course which helps the students to work as professional in the challenging and exciting field of community and youth work.
  • HDip in Social Policy : This is a 1-year, full-time course which gives the foundation of welfare states and social policy. This course is the best for those who do not have a social science degree but wants to apply for a master of social work course.
  1. Limerick Institute of Technology: LIT offers level 8 social care courses which are a 4-year programme where students will get a work replacement in 2-3 year. The programme is designed to provide personal and professional development that is required to work in a challenging environment.
    A student will get a huge career opportunity after successful completion of the programme.
  1. National University of Ireland, Maynooth: National University of Ireland, Maynooth offers 2 social science courses such as:
  • Bachelors of Social Science (Community and Youth Work) : This is a 3-years full-time course which provides professional education and training.
  • Higher Diploma in Social Policy: This is a 1-year full-time diploma course for those graduates who want to acquire honour degree knowledge and skills in social policy.
  1. Institute of Technology Carlow: Institute of Technology Carlow offers a 4-year, full-time Bachelors of Arts (Hons) Applied Social science course which provides skills and knowledge requires as a social care professional.
  1. Institute of Technology Tallaght: IIT offers full-time and part-time Bachelors of Arts (Honours) Social care Practice. This course enable the learner to work in a variety of private and government settings including training and education service centres, residential service centres and community settings.
    This course is taught through lectures, practical and tutorials and students will get number of work placement in their 2, 3 and 4th year.
  1. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology: Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology offers 2 social science courses such as:
  • Bachelors of Arts in Applied Social Care : This is a 3-year full-time degree course which provides knowledge to the learner who can make the world a better place for everyone by correcting the social injustices.
  • Bachelors of Arts (Hons) in Applied Social Care This is 4-year full-time degree course which is designed to develop honest, caring and supportive relationship with people in the community.
    These are top colleges and universities in Ireland which provide social care course. Social care course is a practical based course where the assessment depends on the assignments and projects given to the students.

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