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Effective Tips For Best Way Of Study And Memorize

Students in Ireland feel that taking an exam is very stressful. Since exams are an integral part of academics, you as the students of Ireland colleges and universities must find the right way to prepare for your upcoming examinations and tests.

It will be easy to study for your exams if you get to use improved techniques to learn your lessons and prepare for the exam efficiently. If you prepare well for your exams then you will never feel low and rejected from the feeling of being an “Unprepared Student”.

What Is the Best Way to Study for Exams

If you prepare well then you can successfully beat the exam stress. However, most students think that “What is the best way to study for exams? In this piece of writing, you will be informed about the successful study tips to study for the exams.

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Effective Tips to study for the exam

You must incorporate innovative ways to study for your examination to get a glorious result afterwards. All the students need to prepare for their examinations in advance and a perfect manner. Here are the best ways and innovative tips to follow to study for exams. These tips are:

  • Review Study Materials and Syllabus Books:  After you spend the entire term studying hard, you must make revisions to your notes, books, and study materials in advance. It will be good if you revise in advance at least a week before the exam.

If you want to review your syllabus then you must figure out the exam timetable and also calculate the grades needed to get in those subjects, and also revise accordingly.

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Exam revision should be done ideally in advance and also in many small sessions. Moreover, it will also be of no use if you try to revise everything the night before the exam.

  • Attend Class Lectures Regularly:  If you pay rapt attention to the class lectures and absorbs perfectly whatever your teacher says it will be in your mind always. Even during the exams, you will be able to remember what the teacher said about a specific topic in the class lecture.

If you remember that lecture easily and also coincidentally if any questions from that topic come in the exam then you will be able to write that perfectly.  Moreover, if your attention to the lecture is strong then you will be able to get hints about the important topics and issues which will come in the exam.

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  • Make Perfect Notes On Each Subject:  You must make a habit of making your notes to study well for your examinations. This will be easier to study for your upcoming examinations. You must write down every important point and topic explanation that your teachers said during the session of the class lecture.

You must write the notes as much as your teacher has said. Moreover, it is also important to listen to the class lectures while taking down the notes. After you go home, you must revise these notes and also consult other study materials and academic sources to create a perfect note.

This will be a combination of the class notes and also information from other sources. If you make your notes and review them daily, you can excel in your examinations. Moreover, this is the perfect manner to study for exams.

  • Have Daily Study Sessions:  You must make a habit of studying daily in small doses. If you spend 2-3 hours studying daily then it is something that can make you avoid the huge cram session the night before the exam.

Every day of studying will not make you worried about exams. Moreover, if you study regularly then you can avoid spending sleepless nights mugging up the lessons just days before an exam.

  • Take Information About Exam: To study smartly for your upcoming exams, it will be better to ask your teachers about the grading or marking the structure of each question asked. Moreover, you can also ask about the important topics which might come in the exam.

Thus, while preparing for the exam, you will know which important topic to focus more on and which questions you must pay attention to get maximum grades.

  • Take Study Help: If you need help in preparing for some of the tough subjects such as Math, Science, or Economics, then you must never be ashamed to ask for help. It is important to have effective communication with your teachers, tutors, family, and friends to ask for help to study for the upcoming examinations. If you think that they can teach you better and solve all the doubts then you must be active in getting their help.

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Exam Preparation in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Maintain a positive outlook. Success is a result of positivity.
  2. Start studying early and spread it out.
  3. Set clear objectives for each study session. It helps you stay focused.
  4. Before you begin the session, organize your study materials. It aids in the reduction of distractions.
  5. Make your learning materials. Organizers, quizzes, and mnemonic devices, for example.
  6. Make use of technology. Quizlet, Youtube, publisher practice questions, and more resources are available.
  7. Make use of the resources available on campus. Other students, Tutors, Writing Center, Professors, CAP Specialists
  8. Eat a balanced diet. There isn’t too much or too little.
  9. Rest. Consistent rest aids brain performance.
  10. People who have good habits are more likely to be successful!

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Top 5 Memorization Techniques For Students

You can only begin memorizing your material once you have a suitable study place and a concentrated mind. Try the following five methods:

  • Assign significance to objects.

Extend what you’ve learned and apply it to something personal to you, such as an example your professor gave, something you saw in a documentary or a common occurrence. You probably have no recollection of what you wore last Friday, but you do recall what you wore to prom. When you tie new knowledge to information you already know, it is most firmly encoded, and when you attribute meaning to new information, it is most deeply encoded. The stronger the memorization, the more logical links you may draw to the new material.

  • Distinguish between general and specialized knowledge.

This strategy aids retrieval: knowing that a piece of information belongs to a larger category makes it easier to find.

  • Recite aloud in your own words

Until you no longer need your notes.

  • Teach someone else

One of the most effective methods to learn is to teach it to someone else. You can teach the wall (best done behind closed doors!) if you don’t have a receptive listener like a parent or a buddy.

  • Make use of memory aids.

You can utilize a variety of gadgets to assist you to remember information, including:

Acrostic: For example, “My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos”   (planets)

Chunking: This is a technique for remembering larger numbers in smaller parts.

Loci method: Visualize a familiar place and identify objects.

Flashcards: These are useful for memorizing specific knowledge. Shuffle the cards and say the words aloud. On one side, write a question, and on the other, write the answer.


Therefore, when it comes to studying and preparing well for your upcoming examinations, the above tips will be very beneficial for you. These tips will let you study well for your exams and you never feel any guilt for not preparing well for your exams.

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