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Difference Between a Nursery Nurse and a Early Year Practitioner

The starting age of humans is very crucial. The children learn and know most of the things at an early age. The brain of the children develops 80% till the age of 3. So the experience they have, the things they do and see can be impactful for the rest of their life. For this care, there are nursery nurses and early year practitioner in Ireland. There are differences between both of the profession. By the end of this article, you will get to know the difference between a nursery nurse and early year practitioner.

Difference Between a Nursery Nurse and a Early Years Practitioner | Nursing assignment helpers

Nursery Nurse

A nursery nurse gives registered nurse-level care to newborn babies, infants, and children up to the age of seven years. A nursery nurse can be seen working at a hospital, nursery, community centres, child centres, and health centre.

Early Year Practitioner

The early age of the children is considered to be to five years. The role gives a lot of opportunities in child care. An early year practitioner involves in the support of the children as they learn, grow, and develop at an early age.

Nursery Nurse vs Early Year Practitioner

Nursery NurseEarly Year Practitioner (EYP)
The responsibility of  the nursery nurse include providing medical care, infant care, guidance to the parents, and taking care of the development of the childrenThe responsibility of an early year practitioner includes taking care of the young children in any school or childcare environment. They encourage the development through play and teachings.
The nursery nurse may work with the physician, gynaecologist, delivery nurse to take care and monitor the health of the newbornThe early year practitioner work with the parents to create a safe environment for the children to learn
The nursery nurse should be able to infant handle the infant and should demonstrate a strong sense of empathy and compassion towards the child.The early year practitioner enables the children to build their literacy, language and numerical skills.
It involves intense care of the infants, such as holding the baby, making bottle and feeding, changing diaper and providing emotional support when the parents are not around.It involves monitoring progress and planning educational games which will keep the children engaged throughout the day.
Nursery nurse also take care of the medical care such as dispensing medications, performing diagnostic test, etc.Early year practitioners help the children to get for the classroom environment and make the child more independent.

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There are many differences between a nursery nurse and an early year practitioner. The role and the responsibilities of both depend upon the workplace and requirements. The topic is vast as the role and responsibility depend upon the manager at the workplace.

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