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Is FETAC and QQI same?

In this article, we will be providing deep insight into what is the difference between QQI  and FETAC.QQI stands for Quality and Qualifications Ireland. Moreover, it is the ultimate awarding body currently active in Ireland. Also, it is a merger of FETAC, HETAC, important Irish Universities and National qualification authority of Ireland.

About QQI / FETAC | between QQI and FETAC | Awards in NFQ for QQI courses

Difference between FETAC and QQI:

Often, people are confused between QQI and FETAC. Earlier, FETAC that stands for Further Education and Awards Training Council was in running and responsible for awarding at different levels. But, later on, it was dissolved and QQI came into existence.

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What does QQI do? Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of QQI are diverse. In fact, it is not only an awarding organization but also performs the following functions:

  • Developing Awards and standards
  • Education and Training programmes validation
  • Reviewing work of education and training providing companies
  • Maintenance of National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)
  • Quality Assurance Check and development
  • Facilitate Qualifications Recognition

The National Framework of Qualification has 10 educational levels comprising of awards and certifications for all the levels. However, the awarding bodies for different levels are different. That is to say,

  • SEC- State Examinations Commission is responsible for providing junior certificate and another major, minor and special purpose awards for level 3 to level 5 respectively.
  • Institutes of Technology operate from Level 6-10 and provide awards for degrees like post-graduation and doctoral etc.
  • Universities are responsible to work at level 7-10 and awarding for a bachelors degree, post-graduation and doctoral.

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Levels of NFQ:

NFQ levels indicate how an award is used for training, education and employment. Also, NFQ has a ten-level system. This is basically designed to give academic and vocational qualification the value according to the level.

Awards in NFQ for QQI courses:

Briefly, there are 4 awards in this structure.

  1. Major Awards ( provided on completion of course)
  2. Minor Award ( partial completion)
  3. Special Purpose Awards ( specific to a purpose)
  4. Supplement Awards ( awarded on learning something additional or extra)

The system concerning these awards is the Common Award System, commonly known as CAS. Now, each level in NFQ corresponds to a credit score, which in turn render major and minor awards.

The credit score demands exclusively qualifying both the basic and exclusive modules for gaining the major awards and increasing the credit score.

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What are the courses QQI provides?

QQI offers academics and vocational courses in the following streams:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Housing Advocacy
  3. Nursing
  4. Accounting and Finance
  5. Arts
  6. Community Care
  7. Access to Employment
  8. Activities of Living Patient Care
  9. Administration

Are the QQI courses worth doing?

Briefly, the answer is Yes. Definitely, the QQI offers a variety of courses that you can practise and make your career in. Moreover, the certification and awards given by QQI are having value across the globe. Also, it offers part-time, online courses that one can easily register in. Also, there are assessments at the end of courses involving the project, learner records and skill demonstration. Thus, these courses aim at the holistic development of budding learners.

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In the nutshell, QQI courses can give a direction to your mind and life. The number of courses and the strategic assessment model cannot be compromised with. Also, the awards offered to help you seek the admissions and eligibility for higher education.

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