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Skill Demonstration in QQI courses

This article will clear your doubts about Skill demonstration in QQI courses. Precisely, QQI which stands for Quality and Qualifications Ireland was set up under the Education and Training Act.

What is Skill Demonstration in QQI courses? | Skill Demonstration Definition | assessment in QQI courses

Moreover, this agency provides a humongous variety of courses based on the online study, part-time courses, vocational courses, etc. Now, towards the completion of each course student assessment happens. The assessment process in QQI courses is divided into projects, learner records, and skill demonstrations respectively.

 Skill Demonstration Definition

Different QQI courses such as nursing, care skills, SNA, etc. include skill demonstration techniques in the assessment part. Thus, skill demonstration is defined as ” Skill demonstration is a technique in which the practical, personal skills, skills related to the organization.”

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Now, the skill demonstration includes testing the skills of the students in real-life scenarios, and any kind of fictional role play. Hence, it is a testing of practical skills. A skills demonstration is used to evaluate a variety of practical learning outcomes, such as practical skills and knowledge. The learner will be required to execute a task or a set of tasks as part of a skills demonstration, a variety of tasks that indicate a variety of abilities

What is the main focus of skill demonstration in QQI courses?

The NFQ Level 5-6 involves module learning as a major objective of the vocational training. Now, at the end of each module, the assessment of the student takes place. Firstly, the assessment contains the learning outcomes of the learner. Secondly, It includes the practical knowledge imparted and understandable to the learner. Also, it comprises the aims and the purpose of the learning of the module.

The educational and vocational training imparted at different levels of NFQ aim towards strengthening the core skills of the learner. Hence, it aims at incorporating the following abilities in the students:

  • overall development
  • improving self-responsibility
  • problem-solving skills
  • improving reading, listening, and writing skills
  • betterment of oral communication
  • boosting self-confidence

Therefore, considering the above points, assessors have advised designing the assessments accordingly.

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Weightage of Skill Demonstration in the assessment in QQI courses:

The weightage of the project, learner record, and skill demonstration in Module assessment is as follows:

Project —–40%

Learner Record——30%

Skill Demonstration——-30%

What is the process of Skill demonstration?

The process of skill demonstration is having quite a several steps that help to access a student’s overall skills.

  1. Skill demonstration involves accessing the skills of trained experts at any phase of the process of learning.
  2. Also, it includes evaluating interpersonal skills, role determining exercises, and testing assignments related to real-life situations.
  3. The candidates need to submit the full-fledged reports and documents for tests.
  4. Skills that are evaluated include practical skills, interpersonal skills, lab skills, and tutoring skills.

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Sample of Skill demonstration on Child care:

Suppose, a student has been given an assignment of level 5 and has been asked to evaluate the behaviour of a 3-year-old child in the playschool.

Then in the assignment, the student should cover the following points along with his own learnings i.e. communication, personal behaviour, playfulness, social aspects.

  • What are the activities that make the child happy like playing with toys?
  • Does the child fight with friends for certain things?
  • The behaviour of the child with the teacher or classmates
  • Whether he likes the atmosphere of the class
  • How much does he learn every day?

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