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How long does it take to do FETAC/QQI Level 5?

In Ireland the awarding body FETAC/QQI offers courses of different levels. The provision of E-learning is provided to the Students of Ireland. They can learn and receive awards certificates after the completion of the course. After reading this complete article you will get to know about the duration of the FETAC/QQI LEVEL 5 courses and all other doubts about it.

How long does it take to do FETAC/QQI Level 5?


FETAC and QQI are the awarding bodies in Ireland that are appointed by the government. FETAC stands for further education and training awards council. QQI stands for Quality and Qualification Ireland. The FETAC was established in 2001 but in 2012 QQI replaced it.

FETAC used to make awards and monitor further education programs to make sure of the quality and standards. This organization did not run its training programs. QQI on the other hand offer ten-level courses. QQI is responsible for the national framework of qualifications.

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Duration of the FETAC/QQI level 5

The students can complete the course of FETAC/QQI level 5 in duration of 8 weeks. This time duration is only possible if the students submit all different types of assignments on the time, pass all assessments, and successfully complete the examinations without any backlog. If the student fails to complete and submit any of these the duration can increase depending upon that factor.

What can affect the duration of the course.

1.Not submitting the assignment

When the student fails to submit the assignment on time the duration of the course can extend. The assignments have their time limit and are required to submit within that.  When the students fail to submit it on time, the teachers ask to resubmit or deducting the marks. Resubmission takes time and can extend the overall course duration by few more weeks.

2.Not able to pass assessment

The students are assessed by teacher by giving various exercises and activities. When a student fails to pass an assessment they are asked to learn the subject again. They reappear for the assessment (Repeat exam) after preparation for few more days. This will increase the duration of their course by few more days.

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3.Failing in examination

When the students fail in an exam they will have to reappear for the exam after few weeks or months. The course will not be considered as completed if there is any unclear backlog.

4.Requirements of the course

There are many courses that are offered in FETAC/QQI level 5 such as nursing and midwifery courses, Childcare courses, etc.

The requirement for these courses is a leaving certificate, Level 4 certificate, or equivalent in the relevant subject area. The students above 23 years might not require this. The student must be proficient in English whether it’s speaking or writing. Good command of IT skills should be there in the students.

Other courses like nursing and midwifery courses, social studies, psychological studies, etc. have different requirements to enroll in the course.

As these courses are offered online, the student must be able to take initiative on their own and should be self-motivated throughout the course. Students can easily complete these courses by distance learning and staying at their home. Ireland students are in the advantage that they have these course options online. More information on these courses; duration and requirement can be seen on So now you know that 8 weeks is duration of the FETAC/QQI level 5 course and more about the courses.

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