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Challenges faced by the Children in Primary level Mathematics

The primary level of mathematics is no longer viable in the present context and required constant change with the growing demand and mind of the new generation. With the growing quantitative analysis needs somehow the primary level of mathematics needs to be much more advanced.

As the technology of computation is growing the traditional arithmetic procedures are becoming worthless. Still, the exposure to numbers and data in the present context is high due to the growing network and business.  Nowadays people are less dependent on their powers of computation rather than depending upon technology.

Challenges faced by the Children in Primary level Mathematics

The students who are liable to write on the validation of the mathematics of the primary level must feel confused that what they should start with.  In Self need assessment and other courses of teaching ability the students have to write about the viability of the particular subjects like mathematics to a particular level. However, it may seem like a virtual phenomenon but in actuality, it is not and needs to be upgraded with time.

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What kind of change in Curricula is required?

On a practical basis, the new maths of the primary level needs to be changed. The primary level of education is significant and it needs substantial change to grow spherical of mathematics to support the child’s learning. There is a need for research to implement the changes in the wanted direction. Over the years the availability of information increased through the internet and children started to rely on online information rather than the availability of the information at the school level.

In mathematics, there is a need to develop the curricula for the regular change in the course. The yielded information and procedures to solve the mathematical problems traditionally are not relevant in the present scenario and there is a continuous demand for the change in the curricula with due consideration of the change in the increasing technology.

There is particular proficiency needed to solve the mathematical problems and for that, a particular change is needed to happen. Especially the efficiency of the teachers and their professional development also meters in that regard

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What is considered the proficiency of mathematics at the primary level?

Handling the mathematical ideas and showing concern in solving the particular problem shows the interest in mathematics. The grade in achieving proficiency doesn’t matter but the change in the problems asked over time matters. There should be a clear interest and efficiency in the children to solve the problems without any need for technology.

Logical reasoning and the development of the philosophy behind mathematical trouble should be the priority of the teachers or teaching association to make the students understand the topic. The ability to make sense of the mathematical world is necessary. The primary level of mathematics in Ireland schools is not that proficient to make the student able to understand the philosophy behind the mathematics curricula.

The instructional material and assessment level should be particular in the development of mathematical proficiency with the efforts of the school curricula. There should be some scientific evidence and an understanding which can relate the curricula to the practical level. The evaluation system should articulate the best possibilities for assessing learning.

The goals learning activity the content, activities, and the efforts for the assessment should be there to evaluate the learning outcome. Instead of the repetition of the topic in the curricula, there is a need to include the problems which can assess the ability of the student to understand the topic.

The unproductivity of the content should be avoided. As the examples to make understand the mathematical problems should be easy to comprehend and practical in terms of the present scenario.

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