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FIN2002S Principles of Finance Assignment Answer Ireland

FIN2002S Principles of Finance is an incredibly informative and engaging course designed to prepare students for the world of finance. From understanding key concepts, such as financial statements and investments, to exploring international markets, this course is sure to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for continued success in the finance field.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, participate in group projects, and explore a variety of relevant topics related to finance. Whether you plan on pursuing a career in the financial sector, or simply want some insight into how the economy works and how business decisions are made, this course is set up to do just that.

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The following are the tasks that will be discussed in this section:

Assignment Task 1: Students will understand the importance and the role of Finance.

Finance is one of the most important facets of any business, and it’s just as important for students to learn and understand its importance. Learning the fundamentals of finance can help students develop useful skills such as budgeting, creating financial models, analyzing investments, understanding markets, and more. With a thorough understanding of finance, students will be well-equipped to take on the responsibilities of their businesses.

Knowing how to manage finances responsibly can enable students not only to stay within budget but also to achieve their goals quicker and with less risk. Financial knowledge is power when it comes to success in business – thus for students, learning about finance isn’t an optional task; rather it’s essential for achieving optimum results in any field they pursue.

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Assignment Task 2: Students will be able to apply valuation methods to both stocks and bonds.

Generally speaking, there are two primary methods that can be used to value a stock or bond – the discounted cash flow method and the earnings multiple method.

The discounted cash flow method calculates the present value of all the cash flows that will be generated by the investment in question. These cash flows can be in the form of dividends (for a stock) or coupon payments (for a bond). The earnings multiple method calculates how much investors are willing to pay for each dollar of earnings generated by the company. This is done by dividing the price of the stock or bond by its earnings per share (EPS) or book value per share (BVPS), respectively.

Both methods are relatively straightforward to use, but it is important to remember that the results can vary widely depending on the assumptions used. Therefore, it is important for students to understand and apply these valuation methods in a responsible manner.

Assignment Task 3: Students will be able to apply the techniques of capital budgeting and identify capital investment projects that maximize shareholder wealth.

Capital budgeting is an important tool for helping corporate shareholders maximize their wealth. With the right strategies, students will be able to determine the value of capital investment options and develop operational budgets that are cost-effective and profitable.

Accurately evaluating capital investments requires a comprehensive understanding of the financial information available, so students utilizing this technique must have an aptitude for financial analysis. After being equipped with the fundamentals of capital budgeting techniques, these students are then able to make informed decisions about potential investments and select those which generate tangible long-term returns for their shareholders.

Assignment Task 4: Students will also be introduced to the concepts of risk and return and the basic principles of portfolio theory.

Investing can be a great way to grow your money over the long term, so it is important for students to have a firm understanding of risk and return and the core concepts of portfolio theory. Through this subject, students will gain an insight into what constitutes a good risk/return balance, how to measure expected returns on investments, and developing an efficient portfolio that aligns with their individual objectives when it comes to investing. Having this information at hand will allow students to feel more confident in making smart financial decisions not only now but also throughout their lives.

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