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Individual Education Plan  (Ireland) Essay Sample 

The following Individual Education Plan of Ireland was introduced under the Special Education Needs Act, 2004. It is a planned written document to identify the special educational needs and goals of children with additional needs.

It caters to the educational needs of children with learning or any other disabilities. The educational needs of a person can be achieved through different techniques of teaching, support, and resources.

Staff, administrators, supervisors, parents, carers all work in effective coordination for the future of children. It improves the performance, confidence, and social skills of children with special needs.

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Individual education plan( Ireland) is a process of coordination of it’s team members. It prioritizes students’ special learning needs. It modifies the school schedule if required to deliver classes to children with additional needs otherwise can stick to the regular curriculum for teaching.

Every child has a different level of understanding so the individual goals for each child will be different from another. Individual education plans must be inclusive, collaborative, and must have a holistic approach towards the development of a child.

Goals of the Individual Education Plan (Ireland) 

  • Individual education plan (Ireland) set goals for Irish children with special educational needs and methods to meet those goals and needs. Children with special needs lacking in a particular skill can be added as a goal in the educational plan to improve that skill.


A child with special needs, have a bad handwriting, Individual education plan must consider plans to improve upon the handwriting skills of such children.

  • An individual education plan helps children to reach their full potential. Important steps are to be taken up for encouraging children to improve their performance. It also recognizes and identifies the school staff responsible for taking up such plan to meet the educational needs of the child.
  • An individual education plan is also a process of collecting material information about the weaknesses and strengths of the children. The school gathers any information about the child from various sources like reports, medical history, performance assessments and parents of children, etc.

It improves a child’s abilities and potential to perform. After collection of such information meeting is conducted for parents, carers and professionals to discuss child’s future and school schedule.

  • It has a goal of prioritizing the special learning needs of a child and addressing the goals, needs, and targets attached to such learning. Individual Education Plan also includes methods to reach the learning target of children and helps in assessment of their performance and measuring progress of children.
  • Such educational plan has to be evolving by nature and its goals change with the changing needs of children. Individual education plans must be reviewed once in every year.

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Requirements for the implementation of an Individual Education Plan (Ireland) 

  • Effective coordination in a team is required for the implementation of an individual educational plan. A person who is trustworthy and is in regular touch or contact with the student must be appointed to lead the team.
  • Sound communication between parents and teachers is an important requirement for the implementation of an Individual Education Plan.

Parents can get vital information about the learning process of the child and personally involve in their education and development. School can also take reports from parents about the behavior of a child back at home with others.

  • All the members involved in the individual education plan must have complete knowledge about their responsibilities and duties in relation to the plan. The team members of the plan must adopt new and different teaching techniques and methods to teach children with disabilities. The performance of children must be closely monitored and the teaching methods must be in compliance with the needs of the special child. Teaching procedures must be simple and should be easily understood by the children. 
  • Authorities and agencies must support the education policy with the required support and resources for planning and implementation of the Individual Education plan.
  • Good progress report records must be maintained.
  • For implementation of education plan, learning priority needs, social and behaviour traits must be the focus of each child plan.

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Purposes of Special Education Needs Act, 2004 (Ireland) 

  • An equal opportunity or right must be given to children and people with disability or special needs. They should not be discriminated on the grounds of disability and can draw similar benefits to the rest of the other people.
  • Children with additional needs require guidance and assistance to participate in social and economic activities and help them to become independent.
  • Special Education Needs Act 2004 also encourages the personal involvement of parents in development and learning process of the child with special needs.
  • This Act also provides special education to people with special needs in an inclusive environment where other people are also involved.
  • It also caters to and recognizes the special needs of children and encourages teachers to adopt new teaching techniques and methods.

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The sample written above is based on the Individual Education Plan for Irish children, the goals of the plan, and the requirements for effective implementation of such an education plan in Ireland.

Individual education plan focuses on the needs of people and children with special needs or disabilities and plans for meeting special educational needs.

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Individual education plan can be read along with other education programmes or plans in Ireland for children’s development , Special Education Needs Act, 2004, and Disability Act, 2005 (children with disability and additional needs) etc.

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