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PI6103 Knowledge and Value in Modernity Assignment Sample NUIG Ireland

PI6103 Knowledge and Value in Modernity Course is an online course that investigates the various ways in which knowledge and values are constructed, experienced, and understood in modern times.

The course draws on a range of theoretical perspectives to explore how different dimensions of knowledge and value are produced, circulated, and contested in societies across the globe. It asks students to consider how these dimensions intersect with broader questions of power, identity, and justice.

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In this section, we are describing some assigned tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Discuss the defining features of modernity.

One of the defining features of modernity is the change in worldview from a belief in natural harmonic order to one based on scientific rationality and cause and effect. This has led to a decline in magic, mysticism, and religion as explanations for events, and an increase in Darwinism,–the idea that species evolve through natural selection.

The supremacy of reason as a way of knowing has resulted in changes in ethical systems away from notions of good and evil, right and wrong, based on superstition or revealed truth, towards ones based on human rights or utilitarian considerations. This has often been accompanied by Military expansionist empire-building that has characterized much of the history of modernity, seeking to extend political control over areas rich in resources or labor.

Other features of modernity include the rise of the nation-state, with its accompanying notions of citizenship and national identity; the growth of cities and an urban way of life; the development of capitalism and a market economy; the spread of literacy and education; the growth of communication and transportation technologies; and the rise of mass media and consumer culture.

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Assignment Task 2: Discuss the role of natural science in modern philosophy.

Natural science has played an important role in modern philosophy by providing empirical evidence that can be used to support or refute philosophical arguments. For example, the theory of evolution supports the argument that humans are descended from animals, while the laws of motion support the argument that physical objects move in a straight line unless acted on by a force.

Critics of natural science argue that it cannot answer all questions about the universe and that some phenomena are best explained by philosophical arguments rather than scientific evidence. For example, some people believe that consciousness cannot be explained by scientific laws and must be studied metaphysically. Nevertheless, most philosophers agree that natural science is an important tool for investigating the world we live in.

Assignment Task 3: Examine arguments about the nature of mind and world in modern philosophy.

The natural sciences have always played a role in modern philosophy, but their role has changed over time. Early modern philosophers like Galileo and Descartes were interested in understanding the natural world as it is in itself, without reference to the perspective of the observer. This was in contrast to the Aristotelian view that physical objects are only understood in terms of their potential effects on other objects.

Later modern philosophers like Kant and Hegel were more interested in how our knowledge of nature is shaped by our cognitive abilities and the limitations of our experience. In other words, they were interested in how we come to know anything about the natural world, and what implications this has for our understanding of reality. The natural sciences continue to play an important role in modern philosophy, but the focus has shifted from the nature of the world to the nature of our minds.

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Assignment Task 4: Discuss arguments about the status of human value in modern philosophy.

There are a few arguments that could be made in regards to the status of human value in modern philosophy.

One argument could be made that, due to the technological advances we have made as a species, humans now have more power than ever before and thus hold more value. Another argument could be made that, because humans are capable of so much destruction, they no longer hold any value at all. And still another argument could be made that the value of a human depends on their actions, and not on their species or natural abilities.

Ultimately, there is no clear answer when it comes to the status of human value in modern philosophy. Each philosopher seems to have their own opinion on the matter, and there is no consensus among them.

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