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PLAC9020 Work-based Learning (CPA) (Part 1 of 2) Assignment Sample MTU Ireland

The PLAC9020 Work-based Learning(OPA) (Part 1 of 2) course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn through work experience. The course is an ideal way for students to gain valuable workplace skills and knowledge, while also gaining credit for their degree.

The course is split into two parts, with Part 1 consisting of work placement of at least 8 weeks. During this time, students will be expected to complete several tasks and assignments set by their employer. Part 2 of the course consists of a research project, which must be submitted within 4 weeks of completing the work placement.

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In this section, we are describing some assigned activities. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Apply relevant technical accounting knowledge to business situations.

Accounting is the process of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions to provide information that is useful in making business decisions. To apply relevant technical accounting knowledge to business situations, one must first understand the types of financial statements that are used to inform management about the financial health of a company.

The balance sheet provides information on a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity; the income statement shows how much revenue a company has generated and what expenses it has incurred, and the cash flow statement provides details on a company’s inflows and outflows of cash.

By understanding how these financial statements are prepared, accounting professionals can provide insights into a company’s overall financial health and performance. Additionally, those with technical accounting knowledge can use ratios and other analytical tools to identify trends and make recommendations for improvement.

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Assignment Task 2: Apply the appropriate level of professional judgment in a variety of business situations.

When it comes to applying professional judgment in business, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to be able to assess the situation at hand and identify the best course of action. This means being able to weigh different options and make an informed decision based on your understanding of the situation.

Secondly, you need to be able to act confidently and decisively. This means having the conviction in your decision-making ability and being able to execute your chosen course of action.

Lastly, you need to be able to manage risk effectively. This means being aware of potential risks involved in any given situation and taking steps to mitigate those risks where possible.

By keeping these three factors in mind, you can learn to apply the appropriate level of professional judgment in a variety of business situations.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate relevant ethical and behavioural attributes.

Demonstrating relevant ethical and behavioural attributes is crucial for any professional, whether in the business world or another field. By behaving ethically, you show that you’re trustworthy and reliable. Meanwhile, demonstrating appropriate behaviour shows that you can interact respectfully and effectively with others.

Some specific ethical and behavioral attributes that are relevant to many professions include:

  • Integrity: Being honest and upholding high moral standards;
  • Dependability: following through on commitments and being reliable;
  • Responsibility: owning up to your actions and taking accountability;
  • Respectfulness: treating others with courtesy and respect;
  • Cooperation: working well with others towards common goals. 

Demonstrating these qualities will make you a more effective and valued employee or professional in any field.

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Assignment Task 4: Reflect on and take constructive action in response to formative feedback on workplace performance.

Receiving formative feedback at work can be tough to hear, but it’s important to take it in and use it to improve your performance. Here are four steps you can take to make the most of formative feedback:

  1. Listen without getting defensive. It can be easy to feel like you’re being attacked when you receive feedback, but try to listen without getting defensive. If you can, thank the person for their feedback and explain why it’s helpful.
  2. Reflect on what the feedback means. Once you’ve calmed down, take some time to reflect on what the formative feedback means. What were they trying to say? What could you have done better? How can you use this information to improve your performance in the future?
  3. Make an improvement plan. Once you’ve identified areas where you need to improve, make a plan for how you’re going to do it. What specific steps will you take? When will you take them? Who can help you?
  4. Follow through with your plan. It’s one thing to make an improvement plan, but it won’t do any good if you don’t follow through with it. So once you’ve made your plan, be sure to stick to it and take action.

By following these four steps, you can make the most of formative feedback and use it to improve your workplace performance.

Assignment Task 5: Critically analyze the challenges of working individually and with others, to contribute to the achievement of goals within prescribed time constraints.

There are many challenges to working individually and with others, but one of the most important is to be able to establish trust and communication.

When working independently, it’s important to be self-motivated and have a clear understanding of the goals. You also need good time management skills to ensure that you’re completing tasks within the prescribed time constraints.

Working with others can be both rewarding and challenging. It’s important that everyone is on the same page when it comes to goals and expectations, and that there is a level of trust and communication so that everyone can work together effectively. It’s also important to be able to compromise to achieve the desired outcome.

The challenges of working individually and with others can be overcome by establishing trust and communication, being clear about goals, and compromising when necessary. By taking these steps, you can contribute to the achievement of goals within prescribed time constraints.

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Assignment Task 6: Recognise the variety of ways in which people learn through engaging in the workplace.

There are many different ways in which people can learn through engagement in the workplace. Some of the more common methods include on-the-job training, mentorship programs, and workshops or seminars. However, there are a variety of other ways that people can learn through their work experiences as well.

One way is by simply observing others around them. People can learn a great deal just by watching those who are more experienced than they are and seeing how they go about their work. This can be an especially valuable form of learning for those who are new to a particular field or industry.

Another way that people can learn through their work is by networking with others in their field. This can involve attending industry events or simply connecting with others through online platforms. Networking can help people to learn about new trends and developments in their industry, as well as connect with potential mentors or colleagues.

Finally, people can also learn through trial and error. This is often how people learn the most, by making mistakes and then learning from them. Trial and error can be a frustrating way to learn, but it can be very effective.

Assignment Task 7: Reflect on workplace experiences to optimize learning.

Workplace experiences can be incredibly valuable learning opportunities – if we take the time to reflect on them properly. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of daily work life, it can be all too easy to let these experiences slip by without really taking the time to think about what we’ve learned from them.

One way to make sure you get the most out of your workplace experiences is to keep a Learning Log. This is simply a record of everything you learn at work, regardless of how big or small it may seem. Every time you have a lightbulb moment, or figure out a new way to do something, make a note of it in your Learning Log. Then, at regular intervals (weekly or monthly), take some time to reflect on what you’ve written down. This will help you to see patterns and trends in your learning and identify areas where you need to focus more attention.

Another way to reflect on your workplace experiences is to discuss them with a trusted colleague or friend. Talking through your experiences can help you to process them more effectively, and you may even get some new insights from the other person’s perspective.

Reflecting on workplace experiences is an important part of learning from them. By taking the time to do so, you can make sure you get the most out of every experience and continue to develop your skills and knowledge.

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