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Reflective practices and work experience in childcare

Early childhood care plays a significant role in the development of children. Apart from children’s growth, proficient childcare offers valuable support to families. The outdoor activities are beneficial in promoting the holistic development of the child, which I will talk over in the reflection. The main factors that I acknowledged while providing childcare are relationships, community, and family life. I feel that from this experience I learned a lot in regards to the learning environment and how crucial it is to focus on child development activities.

Reflective practices and work experience in childcare

While providing childcare, I was supposed to provide a safe, supporting, warm, and friendly environment for each child to improve their development. Materials, books, activities, and games according to age are crucial for children’s growth. For instance, a 3-year-old child will find it difficult to solve the puzzle that is suitable for the 6 years old child. In my work experience, I found that the benefits of receiving quality childcare during my childhood days continue into adulthood also.

Why do I find high-quality childcare crucial for children’s development?

During my work experience, I found that the early initial years from 0 to 5 are the most sensitive for children’s brain development. The main objective of our team was not only to provide childcare but also to shape the child’s mind. I realized that childcare supporters should introduce the child to skilled activities that promote learning. Under the supervision of my mentor, I helped children in playing, reading, learning, and various other activities.

  • The childcare giver should foster a nurturing, safe, and motivating environment for children.
  • The quality care provided to children can have a positive impact on children’s overall development.
  • During my working hours, I was supposed to provide valuable education along with social experiences to the child.

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From my experience as a childcare provider, I found that daily care routines are equally vital as play. Apart from enhancing childhood development, daily routines also benefit staff. It is because the regular care routines allow the childcare providers to get the work they need to do within a particular time frame. In my opinion, the environment includes areas, outdoors, indoors, curriculums, and everything that affects the child.

What are Early Child and Education Care settings?

ECE or Early Child and Education Care settings include people other than parents who provide care to the child. ECE settings can include center-based arrangements and non-parental arrangements in which the child gets care in their home. Childcare providers help children with:

  • School readiness: Undoubtedly, the experience of a child with a childcare supporter can affect his speech development. I learned from my experience that children who receive quality childcare are capable to perform better in their schools. Being a childcare provider, it’s my responsibility to work on children’s reading and mathematical skills. It helps the child to be a problem solver and better communicator.
  • Development of brain: From birth to early 3 years, the quality and number of connections a child receives affect their brain development. The children’s interaction during the initial years shapes the way they think, act, feel, and connect with others. The experience that child gains during the early childhood days affect how well he does in future school activities.
  • Development of social skills: Children receiving quality childcare are more expected to develop learning as well as social skills at an earlier age. I found that social skills help the child to build or maintain better relationships with adults, parents, and other children.

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Sample on reflection on work experience in childcare

Title: How a positive care provider helps children grow?

Children start learning at birth and they learn what they observe in their surroundings. Choosing a positive caregiver is not only crucial for children’s development but also to give peace of mind to parents when they are not with their child. A good childcare giver is the one who responds to the needs of the child. Additionally, the childcare provider should make the child feel confident, secure, and more interested to learn.  In my opinion, quality childcare provided by a motivating caregiver in a nurturing environment offers lasting benefits to children’s growth.

While providing childcare, I found that children receiving quality childcare have better problem-solving, language, math, and social skills. When the child grows older progress further in school and requires less special education as compared to those children who receive low-quality care. It is essential for the parents to make better choices when it comes to hiring a childcare provider.

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