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Roles & Responsibilities of an SNA Ireland, Essay Sample

Special Needs Assistants can provide significant support to children with special needs by helping them to socialize. The role of the SNA is to assist the teacher in providing support to students with special educational needs. Special Needs Assistant helps the child to overcome the self-care issues and face reality.

Generally, SNAs have effective, caring skills, but due to the non-requirement of formal training sometimes, they provide a child with more than a babysitting service. The students can take help from Irish assignment makers for submitting an efficient essay paper. This is a sample assignment on role and responsibilities of a special needs assistant in Ireland. If you are looking for what does an sna do in Ireland, then all your queries will get resolved after reading this sample.

Assignment sample on the Responsibilities of the Special Needs Assistant

The majority of Irish children with special needs flourish in school with the support of their teachers.

However, some of the children require additional care support over and above that what is provided by the school teacher. SNA scheme is for those students who need care support and are not able to attend school without any additional help.

SNAs play a significant role in assisting the teachers in providing special educational needs to the students. It is beneficial for the students to ask if can anyone write my assignment to take help from expert writers.

What is the role of an SNA in Ireland?

  • The role of an SNA includes the preparation of certain classroom activities so that the child with special needs can quickly learn.
  • Special needs assistants are necessary for children with specific difficulties. SNAs help physically disabled children with writing or typing comfortably.
  • By maintaining discipline and classroom order, the Special Needs Assistant can guide the students.
  • It is beneficial for special needs assistants to assist the teachers in the supervision of children during recreational, assembly, and dispersal periods.
  • The individual needs assistance needs to assist the out-of-school activities and similar activities for children with special needs.
  • The Special Needs Assistant must motivate and encourage the children to participate in different programs. By encouraging student independence, SNAs can promote decision-making among students in all school activities.
  • The Special Needs Assistant helps the students to achieve their goals and objectives comfortably by enhancing behavioural skills among them.

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Role of SNA in Primary School

  • In a primary school, the SNA supports the child by helping them to concentrate on their lesson plan.
  • The Special Needs Assistant needs to take part in assessments and meetings with teachers, parents and other professionals for individual students.
  • SNA also helps children with disabilities or behavioural issues in participating in group activities along with other children.
  • SNAs should help the children to become independent and socially competent by developing their social skills.
  • SNAs should be mindful of child’s rights, feeling, needs and expectations while providing assistance.
  • The Special Needs Assistant must also help in interpreting the child’s requirements to other staff members, parents and professionals.

How can a child receive care support with the help of a Special Needs Assistant?

The main objective of providing SNA support is to make the child more independent. With the development and growth, the child experience several changes in their life. It is about the interests of the child, and whether their needs can meet or not. It can be possible that different children require a different level of SNA support depending on their needs. The schools must have a proper plan for children with special needs that outline their care needs.

Moreover, the professionals must recommend SNA support to only those children who have special care needs. Special Needs Assistant outlines the nature and extent of children’s care needs and reports why supporting a child with SNA care is beneficial.

Sample assignment on roles & responsibilities of Special Needs Assistant Ireland

Title: Should every child receive special care assistance?

Some of the children who are incontinent and have significant medical needs require SNA support. Along with it, the child suffering from serious difficulties or who are blind needs SNA support until they get confidence to manage their tasks. The behavioral challenges among the child raise the need for providing SNA support to the child in the early stage of life. In addition to it, the children who have severe mobility difficulties that can arise from physical disability require proper support from Special Needs Assistant.

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