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The Shifting Roles of the Special Requirements Assistants (SNA) in Irish Classrooms Essay Sample Ireland

In Ireland all kids whether they are suffering from disabilities or not have the right to education. The special needs assistants are there to take care of the education that is imparted to the students with special needs in Ireland.

This essay discusses the roles and responsibilities of the special needs assistants (SNA) in Ireland.

The Shifting Roles Of The Special Requirements Assistants (SNA) In Irish Classrooms Sample.webp

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Special Requirements Assistants (SNA)

This essay talks about special needs assistants also abbreviated as SNA. This is a post that caters to the needs and requirements of individuals in Irish schools and academic institutions with special needs or disabilities.

For an SNA professional it is important to know comprehensively about the special needs of students with disabilities that are part of the academic curriculum in Ireland.

The essay also helps the students and the learners to know the job role and the way they can assist the kids with special needs in addressing their requirements. To become a competent SNA professional a candidate needs to be aware of contemporary legislations, knowhow, and theories of Irish academic systems.

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The shifting roles of the SNA

This section of the essay discusses the shifting roles of the SNA in Irish classrooms. In this context, it is relevant to say that the SNA professionals in Ireland are there to furnish care as also support which is non-teaching in type. Such professionals are known to work under the supervision and guidance of the class teachers, and principals. These professionals are known to furnish the best possible care that is needed for a kid in a caring and safe environment.

Besides, the SNA professionals are required to have requisite qualifications as also experience in working with kids in Irish classrooms. There are some roles and responsibilities that are mentioned for the SNA professionals in the departments of education and skills within Ireland. These roles and responsibilities are highlighted as follows:-

Assist disabled kids to board and alight from school buses

Disabled kids require attending school and for that, they are required to visit their respective schools. For kids who are not living near the school bus service is provided. One of the roles or responsibilities of the SNA professionals is to assist the disabled kids to board and also alight from school buses.

Helps the disabled kids in doing out-of-school visits

Often school kids are required to go on excursions to places that are distant from the school premises. The SNA professionals must help the disabled kids to do out-of-school visits.

Helps the kids with special needs with feeding, clothing, and toileting

Kids that are part of a boarding school, particularly those having physical disabilities require the services of the SNA professionals in completing their daily tasks. The SNA professionals are known to feed, clothe and toilet the kids with special needs.

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Helps the students with physical disabilities with writing and typing

Very often students with special needs like students with physical disabilities are required to write and type which they cannot do by themselves. The SNA professionals have the roles and responsibilities to help the students with physical disability issues with writing and typing.

The SNA professionals prepare and clean the classrooms for special kids

The SNA professionals are also known to assist the class faculty in preparing as well as cleaning the classrooms so that education can be imparted to kids with special care in a clean and hygienic environment.

The SNA professionals also accompany small groups, individuals who are taken away from classrooms

The SNA professionals in Ireland are also known to accompany and assist small groups and individuals who are taken away from classrooms in Ireland. Such taking away from classrooms are often temporary withdrawals.

The SNA professionals assist in supervising the kids with special academic requirements during play or assembly

The kids with special needs require attending assemblies and they aare also requiredto participate in sporting activities. One of the roles and responsibilities of the SNA professionals is to assist the kids with special academic needs during sporting activities or assemblies.

The SNA professionals are known to deliver duties that are non-teaching in type

The SNA professionals are also dutiful in delivering services that are of non-teaching type. In this context, it can be said that the SNA professionals cannot substitute the teachers at schools in Ireland.

To know more about the responsibilities and roles of the SNA professionals in Ireland visit relevant resources that are available on the web.

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