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Restorative Justice in Ireland Essay Sample

Restorative Justice in Ireland Essay Example

Ireland is a democratic nation and it has its constitution, a legislative body that is responsible for making laws, bringing them into effect.

The country like many other countries in Europe is known to have a judiciary that makes sure that the Irish citizens get appropriate justice and that crimes, other nefarious activities can be prevented or controlled on Irish soil. There are different branches of judicial studies in Ireland.

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This essay it is discussed restorative justice. The readers and audience can get to know about the definition of restorative justice, they can know when the Irish judiciary introduced the concept of restorative justice.

The essay also provides examples of restorative justice. The essay also furnishes information about the important strategies that are associated with restorative justice in Ireland. Besides, the readers and audience also get to know the benefits of such judicial practices.

What is restorative justice in Ireland?

Restorative justice in Ireland is a judicial practice in that country that emphasizes the harm or damage that is caused after the occurrence of a crime in Ireland. In restorative judicial practices, importance is not attached to the rules or laws that were broken when the crime took place.

Participation in such a judicial practice is voluntary. In such a type of judicial practice, the victims get the opportunity to query the offenders and in this process make the offender realize the extent of damage that is caused by the actions of the offender.

Restorative justice started functioning in Ireland in 2009. The objective of such a type of judicial practice is to make the offenders understand the gravity of crimes committed by them. And in that process the restorative justice makes the offender realizes that they are both responsible as also accountable for their deeds and choices. Restorative judicial practices also aim to prevent conflicts and harm.

How do restorative judicial practices function in Ireland?

This section of the essay highlights the functioning of restorative justice within Ireland. As part of this judicial practice, a meeting is arranged between the victim and the offender in the presence of a mediator.

During the meeting, the victim has the liberty to throw questions at the offender to make the person realize the extent of damage that is caused by the person. Restorative justice also attempts to repair the harm or damage that is caused by the offender to the victim.

Restorative judicial practices make the offender confront the victim and it also helps in the process of rehabilitation so that society can become a much safer and better place for the people in Ireland.

In this context, it is relevant to add that restorative justice is not used always. It is used only when it is apt for the requirements of both the victim and the offender.

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Strategies used by probation services for delivering restorative justices

The probation services within Ireland have provisions that are very much in favor of restorative justice so that offending behavior can be supervised, tackled, and prevented. Restorative conferences are often arranged as part of restorative justice. In this context, it is relevant to add that two important strategies are used by the probation services for the delivery of restorative justices and these are described as follows:-

Offender-reparation panels

The probation services in Ireland fund such panels and make sure that they are adequately managed by community projects. These panels have the responsibility to bring the offenders, community representatives, and the victim face to face in a pre-determined place to talk and discuss the effects of the damage that has been caused because of an offense. Post discussion and also considering the victim’s statements an agreement for reparation is prepared and implemented. The courts in the Irish districts then refer cases post-conviction for panel participation.

Victim-offender mediations

This is yet another strategy that is adopted by the probation services in Ireland and its aim is to provide an opportunity to the victims to come and meet the offenders in a safe and secure place with a controlled setting in the presence of a trained mediator. The mediator facilitates discussions between the victim and the offender so that the harm or damage that is caused because of the offense can be addressed or repaired. The courts in Ireland can schedule victim-offender mediations post-conviction.

Reports suggest that restorative justice practices in Ireland diminish the occurrence of crime significantly. Besides, such judicial practices also improve the satisfaction of the victim. Certain examples of restorative justices incorporate community services, restitution, reconciliation between the victim and offender.

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