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Organizational Performance and Culture in Practice Essay Sample Ireland

Organizations in Ireland are known to have a culture that is developed based on trust. Organizations with a strong culture have 3 important traits.

Firstly, the employees are aware of what the management expects from them, secondly, employees are well trained to meet the expectations of the management, and thirdly, the employees expect rewards and remunerations for their performance from top management in the organization.

Organizational Performance and Culture in Practice Essay Example Ireland

Therefore, it can be understood that the employees within an organization play an important role in sustaining culture and performance within an organization. The employees contribute to the growth and development of the organization.

This essay discusses organizational culture, discusses organizational performance. It also discusses how organizational culture contributes to organizational performance.

The essay discusses the practices that are required to develop a good culture within an organization.

Organizational Culture

A good organization needs to have a proper culture and employees working within the organization need to know it. The culture within an organization is based on certain values that are acquired from fundamental assumptions on the following:-

Nature of humans:-Often nature of humans, working within an organization results in beliefs that determine how the employees, suppliers, and customers should interact and how they should be dealt with.

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How the organization is related to the environment:-Organizational culture is also dependent on how the organization is related to the environment. It also means that how an organization defines its constituencies, the business determines the culture within it.

Proper emotions:-There are certain emotions that employees need to express and there are some which are needed to be suppressed. Emotions too are determinants of the culture that is prevalent within an organization.

Effectiveness: – The effectiveness of an organization is very much dependent on a culture that uses appropriate business strategies. The effectiveness of an organization also depends on the structure that is suitable for the business as also the desired culture.

The culture within an organization can manifest itself in a variety of ways. These ways incorporate appropriate leadership behaviors, styles that are used in communication, corporate celebrations, and messages that are distributed internally. Observations suggest that cultures in any particular organization are set with the objective of making the organization perform and productive.

Factors that shape organizational performance and culture

Observations are suggestive of the fact that organizations in Ireland more or less have similar cultures. There are a set of cultural values in every Irish organization, be it within the health industry or the manufacturing industry. These cultural values are discussed in this section of the essay. The common values incorporate the following:-

  • People orientation (Tolerance, fairness, and respect for individuals’ part of an organization)
  • Outcome orientation (Focusing on results and achievements)
  • Team orientation (Focusing and rewarding collaborations)
  • Innovation (Businesses tend to encourage risk-taking and experimentation.)
  • Stability (Businesses tend to follow a predictable course and they tend to provide security.)
  • Attention to detail (Dealing with problems and issues carefully and analytically.)
  • Aggressiveness and a competitive spirit

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How do create and manage organizational performance and culture?

The culture within an organization is shaped by the leadership that is prevalent in the organization. It is also shaped by values and actions that have contributed to organizational culture in the past.

Management of culture can be done using the cultural awareness of the leaders within the organization. In this context, it is important to understand how culture develops, and the ways to sustain a culture.

Development of culture

The founders of an organization are known to start a culture within an organization. Subsequently, behavioral norms are developed that are by the values of the organization. Cultures are known to develop naturally. Leadership and groups that are part of any organization make sure that the culture stays alive.

Encouraging a culture

Organizational performance and culture can be managed by identifying the cultural traits within the organization. In this context, 3 vital traits are associated with any particular culture and they are as follows:-

  • Material culture
  • Social culture
  • Ideological culture

The leaders and managers working in an organization should take appropriate steps to ensure proper management of the culture within an organization. For additional information on this visit relevant resources that are there on the web.

What are the practices to develop organizational performance and culture?

There is a wide range of tools that are available for developing as also sustaining culture within an organization. These include effective hiring practices, recognition programs, onboarding efforts, and programs that manage the performance of the employees that are working within an organization.

However, in this context, it is important to understand that the challenge is in using the tools that are mentioned above and the challenge is also in deciding how the resources will be allocated properly and effectively.

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