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SOC10060 Ireland in Comparative Perspective Assignment Example UCD

Ireland is a fascinating country with a rich and diverse history. In order to gain a better understanding of Ireland and its role in the world, it is helpful to place it in a comparative perspective. By looking at Ireland relative to other countries, we can see how it stacks up in terms of size, economy, population, and other important factors. This information can help us to better understand Irish culture and the country’s place in the global community.

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Assignment Task 1: Discuss how sociologists have analysed the main continuities and changes in Irish society

Irish society has undergone a number of changes in recent years, with particular emphasis on the role of women and their place within society. Sociologists have analysed the impact that economic recession has had on traditional family structures, and how technology has influenced social interactions.

There is evidence to suggest that traditional gender roles are beginning to break down, as more women enter the workforce and men take on a greater share of household duties. The increased use of social media has also contributed to a blurring of traditional boundaries, as people are able to communicate more freely with one another online than in person. However, it is important to note that there remain certain areas where Irish society is relatively unchanged, such as its strong sense of community spirit.

One of the key changes that have taken place is the increasing levels of migration. In particular, there has been a marked increase in the number of people who have emigrated from Ireland in recent years. This is due, in part, to the recession which has resulted in high levels of unemployment and reduced levels of economic prosperity.

Another significant change that has taken place is the increasing levels of social diversity. This is manifested, for example, in the increasing numbers of people who belong to minority ethnic groups or who identify as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). Such changes have led to a greater acceptance of diversity within modern Irish society.

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Assignment Task 2: Discuss these continuities and changes drawing on a comparative perspective

Ireland has a strong sense of highly-developed community spirit. This is evidenced, for example, in the high levels of public volunteerism and charitable donations. Religion continues to play a key role in Irish society as it sustains many of the traditional social institutions which have been central to Irish culture for centuries.

In addition, there are several major continuities as well as changes in Irish society. People of Irish descent continue to maintain a strong sense of ethnic identity and identification, particularly those who have left Ireland. In addition, there has been a marked increase in the number of people with dual nationalities/ethnic identities. This reflects a growing trend towards multiculturalism and highlights the fact that many people are comfortable with having multiple identities.

Assignment Task 3: Discuss how to apply a comparative perspective on these continuities and changes to specific topics in Irish society studied in the module

Looking at Irish society through a comparative lens can provide valuable insights into the various changes and continuities that have taken place in recent decades. For example, when comparing the traditional family structure in Ireland with more recent trends such as increased rates of divorce and lone parenting, it is clear that there have been major changes in how families operate. However, some key continuities can also be identified, such as the importance of kinship ties and the role of women within the family.

This can be further analyzed through a comparative lens, where we can see that Ireland is not as traditional as it once was. In the past, for example, divorce and cohabitation were relatively rare and seen as social taboos; these now form an important part of everyday life in Irish society. On the other hand, certain parts of Irish society are still very traditional in terms of the social values they endorse. For example, issues such as abortion and gay marriage remain highly controversial in certain sections of society.

This can be further explored with reference to other countries in Europe, where there is a much greater degree of social diversity. Policies such as gay marriage are becoming more common throughout the continent, although they remain controversial. It also needs to be borne in mind that these changes are relatively recent and have not become part of everyday life in all European countries.

In conclusion, changes and continuities in Ireland can be better understood from a comparative perspective. In particular, it is important to explore how Irish society compares to that of other European countries as this allows us to gain a better understanding of the extent to which social change has taken place over time.

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