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Sample on Nappy changing Record sheet for Irish students

The students studying FETAC Level childcare courses get assigned the task to prepare a record sheet based on babies’ nappy changing. While practicing as an early childhood childcare provider, the students have to prepare a nappy changing record sheet. It allows them to pass on crucial information regarding the nappy changes of the child. They aim to support the care and welfare of children daily according to individual needs. All children need contact with consistent and familiar care providers to make sure they can grow confidently. Toddlers and babies will have their nappies changed according to the requirements and needs of their care provider.

Sample on Nappy changing Record sheet for Irish students

While working as a childcare giver, it was my responsibility to ensure children’s safety and welfare while changing their nappies. During my work, I observed that some babies have very delicate skin and thus, require nappy changes as soon as the nappy gets wet; otherwise their skin becomes red and sore. My mentor taught me how to safeguard children against any potential harm and to perform my duties safely and confidently.

Procedures for nappy changing

  • A nappy of the child must be checked on nursery arrival. If necessary, the child’s nappy should get changed instantly. However, if it does not require to get changed, the time checked must be noted on the nappy changing record sheet.
  • The nappy of all children should be changed at least 3 times a day including, morning, lunch, and afternoon. All the nappy changes should get recorded by the staff members or the care providers in the recorded sheet.
  • While changing a child’s nappy, the staff member should wear white disposable gloves and an apron. Once changed the nappy, these should get removed and fresh ones must get worn for the next nappy change.
  • After changing the nappy, the care provider must wash their hands. It helps in preventing them from any infection or disease.

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How to prepare a nappy changing record sheet?

The students can prepare their nappy changing record sheet in the following pattern:

  • The name of the child should be at the top of the record sheet. The students have to prepare the nappy changing record sheet such as the weekdays are mentioned in columns and timing in rows.
  • For more than one baby, the care provider can include babies’ names in columns. The timings should be written in the rows. Apart from it, the care providers can also include breakfast, lunch, and dinner timings in the next block.
  • They can also use abbreviations like S for Sleeping, X for No change needed or dry, W for Wet, and BM for Bowel Movement. The care providers can write such abbreviations in the boxes to make it uncomplicated for understanding.
  • The record sheet prepared for the nappy changing routine of children must get shared with parents if they ask.

Sample on the nappy changing record sheet

Title: How often should a baby’s nappy get changed?

A child’s nappy must get changed immediately if it gets wet. By ensuring nappy change practices, childcare providers can support the health and safety of babies. Moreover, the nappy changing sheet reveals:

  • For 0-3 months old child: 6-8 wet diapers are expected with 2-4 stools.

  • For 3-5 months old child: 5-6 wet diapers are expected.

  • For 6-12 months old child: 5-6 wet diapers are expected. Some babies may pass bowel movements for many times in a day.

For 12-10 months old child: In between nappy changes, the care providers can notice dry periods of 2-3 hours. It should be noticed that baby has 4-5 wet nappies and passes bowel movement for at least every 3 days.

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