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Strengths and Qualities of a Care Assistant Essay Sample Ireland

Do you want to become a Good Care Assistant? What are the qualities and characteristics that you need to possess? In this article, we will be sharing with you the list of strengths and qualities of health care assistants, that he/she should possess. Also, as we move towards the end, we will enlighten you about the steps that you should follow to establish yourself in this field.

Strengths and Qualities of a Care Assistant Essay Sample Ireland

What is the Job Description of Health Care Assistants?

Precisely, the job profile of a health care assistant in Ireland includes a bundle of responsibilities. There are different roles of a care assistant for example while the carer is assisting in surgery, in a nursing home. In fact, the health care assistant role is very crucial while they are providing care for an older person.

Thus, for taking care of patients of different age groups, and working diligently in surgeries, etc., a care assistant must possess some special skills.

Strengths of a Care Assistant

A health care assistant plays a vital role in hospitals and nursing homes. Now, here is a list of strengths of a Good health care assistant:

  1. He/She should be proficient in the job of a carer.
  2. Must possess compassion for the parents.
  3. Able to deal with patients of all age groups softly.
  4. Possess cool-mindedness.
  5. Should try to understand the patient’s situation.
  6. Boost the morale of the patient.
  7. Able to establish good communication with the patient.
  8. Should have the great physical strength to pull on long hours of duty if needed.

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Qualities of a Care Assistant

If you are thinking to become a Health care assistant in Ireland then you must grasp a good hold over the following :

  • Sympathy for patients
  • Positive Attitude
  • Good Mannerism
  • Fluency of Speech
  • Good  hold over communication
  • Approachable behaviour that comforts the patient
  • Honest in the job
  • Good physical strength to pull on tough working days.

These are the qualities a care worker should possess.

What is the Importance of a Health Care Assistant?

Normally, a health care assistant has huge baggage of tasks to perform throughout the day. And, for that, he must possess the strengths and qualities mentioned above. So far the importance of a care assistant has been considered it self-explanatory. Big hospitals require good care assistants who can manage the patients and assist them with their basic needs like changing the bedsheets, helping them in changing clothes, feeding them with food, and performing basic temperature and BP checks.

Not only this, but most importantly, a health care assistant has to be passionate about his duty and compassionate towards the patients. This is only when he can become a good health carer.

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We hope that after reading this article you are well aware of the qualities and strengths of a Care assistant. In fact, all you need to do is stay motivated. Also, if you need any assistance on writing nursing assignments, writing Learner records for QQI courses, skill demonstration, proofreading, etc. you can take guidance from our Ireland assignment help experts.

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